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Could You Pass Basic Air Force Fitness Exam? Dr. Christine Anderson, Mother of 3, Career Women, Can and You Can Too
Christine Anderson - a Doctor of Chiropractic Christine Anderson - a Doctor of Chiropractic
Hollywood, CA
Friday, April 15, 2011

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Can you do 27 push-ups in 1 minute and 46 sit-ups in 1 minute and run 1.5 miles in under 14:22? If so, you can graduate from the United States Air Force (USAF) Basic Mandatory Training (BMT). Most people can't, but Dr. Christine Anderson, Los Angeles based Pediatric Chiropractor and mother of three children, can pass this physical test! Just from the cursory description of Dr. Anderson it is obvious she is a very busy woman, but nonetheless she pushes herself to work 6—7 days per week for about 1½ hours per day, incorporating all levels of fitness—cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility—with hiking, aerobics, yoga, and strength training.

Now the Air Force BMT is different for men and women, and it can be touch for many 18-year old who are allegedly at they peak physical stature. Males must complete 45 push-ups in 1 minute and 50 sit-ups in 1 minute and run 1.5 miles in 11:57. Recruits have six weeks from the time they report to military training to pass the examination. Failing to pass the physical fitness test is the top reason why recruits are "recycled"—sent back for additional training.

Being the mother of 3 children, wife, and career women, she knows how challenging it is to fit in exercise, but she has chosen to make it a priority because she knows it helps her have the energy and peace of mind to do everything else! "I schedule in exercise just like I would my work and kids events and I have a back up plan for bad weather or schedule changes. I never stop working out, because that would mean I would have to start up again, which is oh so much harder than keeping it up. I trick myself into working out when I don't want to. I tell myself that I can work out for less time or at a lesser intensity and of course, once I get going it feels great and I end up doing the full work out" Dr. Anderson says.

If you are scheduling in your exercise time in the evening, Dr. Anderson suggests bringing your workout clothes with you to work so you don't have to stop home where once you sit down, it is almost impossible to get going again! Getting up a little earlier to work out may be difficult at first, but once you have gotten used to the energy boost it provides, you will be hooked!

Dr. Anderson also schedules in a weekly chiropractic tune up so that she stays high functioning even though she has demanding lifestyle. Keeping her spine aligned helps to prevent injuries from working out and makes sure she has full access to her nervous system, which controls all the functions in the body, including the immune system. "Chiropractic adjustments are MY vitamin C!" says Dr. Anderson.

Exercise during pregnancy is one of the key things women can do to keep healthy and ease aches and pains naturally. Keeping blood sugar in check by exercising can help prevent gestational diabetes and also keep weight gain to a healthy level. Exercising releases stress, lowers cortisol levels, and boosts endorphins; those positive chemicals messengers are transmitted to the baby and create a sense of wellbeing. Dr. Anderson recommends beginning an exercise program before you become pregnant so that you give your body a chance to get used to doing the activities you will engage in once pregnant. During pregnancy, you will want to make modifications in keeping your heart rate below 140 bpm and not engaging in high impact sports which place a lot of stress on the joints, which are looser. Walking and prenatal yoga are safe to do, even if you are already pregnant. Dr. Christine Anderson's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga DVD is a great program which can be used at any stage in pregnancy in order to prepare you for birth - and beyond!

The Hidden Benefits of Exercise

Regular workouts may help fight off colds and flu, reduce the risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases, and slow the process of aging.

A growing body of research is showing that regular exercise can boost your body's immune system, increasing the circulation of natural killer cells that fight off viruses and bacteria.

Regular exercise has also been shown to combat the ongoing damage done to cells, tissues and organs that underlies many chronic conditions.

Studies have found exercise can lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and cut the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

Medical experts say inactivity poses as great a health risk as smoking, contributing to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Training Tips To Pass The Armed Services Examination

There are three events which are measured: push-ups, sit-ups, and a timed two-mile run. Here is training advice to help you "drop down and give me 5" with confidence:

• To pass the push-up test, you need to master the push-up technique and then practice, practice, practice. You can add a variety of push-up styles into your routine, such as decline push-ups, diamond push-ups, plyometric push-ups, etc. When you complete your push-up workout, finish with easier push-ups on your knees and continue until you can't do any more.

• In order to pass your sit-up test, you need excellent abdominal and hip flexor strength and endurance. Doing lots of sit-ups is your goal, but to get there, you may want to add a variety of ab and core exercises into your sit-up training routine. This will help you to develop good overall core strength and endurance. Practice sit-ups , as well as planks, knee raise, and oblique exercises.

• If you are new to running, get your body accustomed to the activity. Once you are able to jog for 30 minutes, you are ready to build more speed and power.

• To improve your two-mile run time, you can incorporate sprint work interval training or run "Ladders" at a 400-meter track. Here is a basic ladder workout that will get you ready for the two-mile run test.

o Do this workout at a 400 meter (m) track, twice a week with at least three days between workouts.

o Warm up by jogging for two laps (800m)

o Run 1 lap (400m) at your goal pace

o Jog 800m

o Run 400m at goal pace

o Continue for 8 laps (two miles)

o Over time (every two weeks) increase the laps run at goal pace and decrease the laps jogged, until you can maintain your goal pace for the entire two-miles.

About Dr. Christine Anderson:

Christine Anderson, a Doctor of Chiropractic, has been practicing in Hollywood since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCC-LA)in Los Angeles in 1989. As an intern, Dr. Anderson was on the faculty at CCC-LA and also assisted the head of the radiology department in the clinic. Dr. Anderson completed a 3 year post graduate program which gives her diplomate status and Board Certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics and Pregnancy (DICCP).

She received her Diploma in Homeopathy (DiHom) from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1996 and completed Craniosacral Therapy I and II training from Upledger Institute in 2002. Dr. Anderson has lectured and presented papers at the yearly ICA Council on Pediatrics Conferences and at the 2002 Rome Symposium. Dr. Anderson has contributed articles on various health issues for local newspapers and magazines, as well as chiropractic publications.

She was consulted for the book, I Got Pregnant, You Can,Too, by Katie Boland. She developed the pre/post natal exercise program at the Hollywood YMCA, continues to teach classes there, and has produced the 90 minute DVD Dr. Christine Anderson`s Dynamic Prenatal Yoga. She also does community outreach, talking to parents and kids about health issues. "Dr. Chris" is also very involved in bringing up her children Toxil, Anzac, and Seven along with her husband, Tony.

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