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Kick the Meat Habit: Dr. Christine Anderson, Hollywood Chiropractor, Hosting Great American Meatout Event at Her Office
Christine Anderson - a Doctor of Chiropractic Christine Anderson - a Doctor of Chiropractic
Hollywood, CA
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Dr. Christine Anderson, a Hollywood based Chiropractor, is asking her patients, friends and neighbors to "kick the meat habit" on Sunday, March 20 and to attend the Great American Meatout, the world's largest annural grass roots diet education campaign, at her Hollywood office, the Kid Chiropractic Wellness Center located at Gardner and Sunset Blvd.

On the first day of spring, from 12:30 noon to 3:00 pm, Dr. Anderson is inviting everyone to explore a healthy plant-based diet at part of the global Meatout observances which are coordinated by FARM, a U.S. nonprofit public interest organization. Individual events are conducted by local consumer and animal protection groups.

Dr. Anderson, a vegan for over 20 years, will be offering samples of wholesome, convenient, delicious plant-based meat alternatives, such as tofu dogs and vegan mac and cheese. There will also be satisfying, yummy vegan sweets to try. Dr. Anderson will be giving demonstrations on how easy it is to prepare vegan fare and there will be films screening about the benefits of a plant-based diet. For up to the minute information of the schedule of events and updates, go to www.KidChiropractic.com

Companies that have generously donated food and discount coupons for the event include: Turtle Island Foods, Tofutti, Parma!, Wayfare, Gardein and Field Roast Grain Meat Co. Elderberries, a local restaurant will also be serving samples of their delicious vegan and raw foods.

To keep the spirit of Meatout alive throughout the year, you will be able to sign up for Meatout Mondays, an e-mail campaign and pledge option. Those who sign up for Meatout Mondays pledge to eat compassionate plant-based foods every Monday. Each subscriber receives a weekly colorful e-mail containing recipes, product suggestions, health news, encouragement, and inspiration. Click here to view past issues.

This year's observance reflects major dietary developments:

Hardly a month passes without another study linking consumption of animal products with heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes or other chronic diseases that kill 1.4 million Americans annually.

All mainstream health advocacy organizations now encourage greater consumption of vegetables and fruits including meat substitutes such as dried beans, peas, lentils or tofu.

Young people are increasingly embracing vegetarian diets. Meat and dairy replacement products are now available in every supermarket, and in fact the variety of good tasting substitutes has become widespread and plentiful.

An increasing number of other fast-food chains provide veg options and in major cities, such as Los Angeles, there are an increasing number of vegan only restaurants, including pizzerias! At the Natural Products Expo West, held at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday March 11 to Sunday March 13, the amazing array of vegetarian products was absolutely astounding. Row after row of organic products and meatless products that satisfy the taste buds of meat lovers while avoiding the risk are extremely good.

The Great American Meatout reflects national trends:

• Mainstream health advocacy organizations and the official government publication "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" tout plant-based foods.

• Over 30 million Americans have explored a meat-free diet.

• One in five teens thinks vegetarianism is "cool."

• National beef and veal consumption have dropped by 25 and 70%, respectively.

• Major manufacturers and retailers are marketing meat-free and dairy-free meals.

• Several national fast food chains are offering veggie burgers and several major baseball parks are selling veggie dogs.

Many other public figures support Meatout. Celebrities include Alicia Silverstone, Ed Asner, Bob Barker, James Cromwell, Doris Day, Peter Falk, Frances Fisher, Jennie Garth, Sara Gilbert, Chrissie Hynde, Casey Kasem, Rue McClanahan, Bill Maher, Hayley Mills, Mary Tyler Moore, Kevin Nealon, Cassandra 'Elvira' Peterson, Joaquin Phoenix, and Ally Sheedy. Sports figures include Tony LaRussa, Mark Levy, and Al Oerter. Authors and educators include Berke Breathed, Michael Jacobson, Frances Moore Lappe, John McDougall, Jeremy Rifkin, and Howard Lyman.

To inquire about the event at Dr. Anderson's office call 323-436-2735.

About Dr. Christine Anderson:

Christine Anderson, a Doctor of Chiropractic, has been practicing in Hollywood since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCC-LA)in Los Angeles in 1989. As an intern, Dr. Anderson was on the faculty at CCC-LA and also assisted the head of the radiology department in the clinic. Dr. Anderson completed a 3 year post graduate program which gives her diplomate status and Board Certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics and Pregnancy (DICCP).

She received her Diploma in Homeopathy (DiHom) from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1996 and completed Craniosacral Therapy I and II training from Upledger Institute in 2002. Dr. Anderson has lectured and presented papers at the yearly ICA Council on Pediatrics Conferences and at the 2002 Rome Symposium. Dr. Anderson has contributed articles on various health issues for local newspapers and magazines, as well as chiropractic publications.

She was consulted for the book, I Got Pregnant, You Can,Too, by Katie Boland. She developed the pre/post natal exercise program at the Hollywood YMCA, continues to teach classes there, and has produced the 90 minute DVD Dr. Christine Anderson`s Dynamic Prenatal Yoga. She also does community outreach, talking to parents and kids about health issues. "Dr. Chris" is also very involved in bringing up her children Toxil, Anzac, and Seven along with her husband, Tony.

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