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Association for Strategic Planning Publishes ERM/ORM Expert
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
Wellesley , MA
Monday, March 14, 2011

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Gary W. Patterson's article,"Turn Your Blue-Sky Strategy into a Fiscal Vision Worth Its Weight in Gold"

March 15, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Gary Patterson, FiscalDoctor® and enterprise risk management (ERM) and operations risk management (ORM) expert and speaker, was selected by the Association for Strategic Planning's (ASP) to publish his thought-provoking article, "Turn Your Blue-Sky Strategy into a Fiscal Vision Worth Its Weight in Gold." Patterson argues that far too many executive leaders miss the mark in developing effective strategic plans.

Today's economy is a perfect storm of rapid change, risk, opportunity, and uncertainty. Those executives who come to grips with their "financial reality" will gain competitive advantage and lead their industries and companies in new and exciting directions. Patterson warns, however, that embracing such a reality is not for the faint of heart. What is required is a willingness to build (and in some cases rebuild) your strategic plan around a fiscal vision. In the end, a strategy that is driven by the company's financial performance and goals is a strategy that will separate the victors from the victims.

About Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)

ASP is the preeminent professional association for those engaged in strategic thinking, planning, and action. ASP currently has memembers in 40 states and several foreign countries, as well as active chapters operating in 14 metropolitan areas. The chapters serve the local area with networking and educational programs geared to the subject of strategic planning. ASP's annual conference is the natioin's premier forum for professional discussion and exchange of information and experiences among strategic planning practitioners. For more information, go to www.strategyplus.org.

About Gary W. Patterson

Gary W. Patterson has successfully helped hundreds of companies in manufacturing, technology, service, construction and distribution–including Inc 500 and Fortune 500 companies. He was the European coordinator for a global supply chain re-engineering software application for Robertson CECO, a Fortune 500 company. Patterson also successfully negotiated over 25 M&A transactions with a market value exceeding $390 million. He holds an MBA in finance and operations from Stanford, a BBA in accounting from the University of Mississippi.He is a Big 4 CPA and National Speaker Association (NSA) speaker.

Gary W. Patterson has been interviewed or presented internationally to publications and groups including Entrepreneur, American Management Association, Best Manufacturing (AU), Directors & Boards, Risk Management Magazine and More Magazine. For more information on the FiscalDoctor, go to www.fiscaldoctor.com. Patterson also offers a "free" fiscal fitness test at www.fiscaldoctor.com/fiscaltest.html. He can be reached at 617-515-7617.

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Gary W. Patterson
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