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Healthy Back Institute Launches Lose The Neck Pain System to Fight 'Tech Neck'
Jesse Cannone -- Back Pain Relief Expert Jesse Cannone -- Back Pain Relief Expert
Gaithersburg, MD
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Healthy Back Institute Launches Lose The Neck Pain System to Fight 'Tech Neck'

February 1, 2011 (Gaithersburg, MD)--Americans' addiction to their digital devices has turned into a real pain in the neck, according to Jesse Cannone, certified personal trainer and founder of the Healthy Back Institute. Spending multiple hours each day staring down at smart phones, iPads, laptop screens, and other digital devices is putting additional strain on millions of Americans' necks.

That's one of the reasons Cannone and the Healthy Back Institute are launching the Lose The Neck Pain System, a do-it-yourself program that helps people diagnose and treat the most common causes of neck and back pain, including what Cannone calls "Tech Neck".

"Most neck and back pain is caused by muscle imbalances that happen when we use one group of muscles more than their counterparts," Cannone says. "That's exactly what's happening when we spend hours each day staring down at our digital devices. Laptop monitors usually sit lower than traditional desktop monitors do. And we're all familiar with the 'head down, texting position' most people are in when they text or play with other hand-held digital devices. That's putting a strain on their neck, shoulder, and back muscles."

Gadgets and gizmos are not the only cause of neck pain, though. Muscle imbalances in the neck can be created by how we sit in our chairs at work, excessive time spent behind the wheel, and a number of other factors. Poor diet and stress are also major contributors.

The Lose the Neck Pain system is a comprehensive set of tools that will help neck pain sufferers diagnose, treat, and prevent neck and shoulder pain. Instructional videos, audio recordings, and reference guides take people step-by-step through evaluating the muscle imbalances, dietary, and stress triggers for their pain.

"We've had tremendous success helping thousands of people with our Lose the Back Pain System," Cannone said. "We've heard from thousands of people who asked us for specific help with their neck and shoulder issues. Now we're proud to offer this solution that is geared to their specific needs."

Lose the Neck Pain is available for purchase online at http://www.LoseTheNeckPain.com

About the Healthy Back Institute

The Healthy Back Institute was founded in 2001 by fitness and rehabilitation expert Jesse Cannone and massage therapist Steve Hefferon.

Recognized as one of the leading fitness trainers in the United States, Jesse has helped millions achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals through his articles, books, audio programs, videos, and seminars. In addition to being a certified fitness trainer, Jesse holds many other certifications, including Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Master Fitness Trainer. He has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines, such as Miss Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding, and Visage; on numerous radio programs, and on thousands of Websites.

Steve Hefferon holds a B.S. degree in Health/Fitness, an A.S. in Physical Therapy, and is a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of Maryland. He has combined his skills as a massage therapist and fitness expert to become one of the country's leading post-rehabilitation specialists. Steve has written countless articles that have appeared both online and in print publications. He is also the Research Director for both The Healthy Back Institute and Living Well Nutraceuticals.

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