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You Can Stop And Reverse Diabetes Right Now - Dr. John Young
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dr. John Young


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Press Release

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9 A.M. EDT, November 24, 2010


Medical Doctor Discovers Diabetes Breakthrough

LARGO, FL, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010: Sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes have a reason to celebrate. Your disease can likely be controlled, even reversed, thanks to the research by Dr. John Young and his Foundation Health Center, a Largo, Florida, medical facility.

"Rather than just treat the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, we decided to look closely at the root causes of this terribly debilitating disease," Dr. Young reports.

"Historically, doctors have tried to stabilize the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes with drugs and insulin injections with the goal of reducing one's blood sugar levels to a level of normalcy. Not only has this method failed to give long lasting results, we found that drugs and insulin have serious side-effects, life threatening side-effects that are far worse than the disease itself," Young continued.

The research he and his team found that drugs meant to assist sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes often cause build-ups in the circulatory system that leads to heart attack, stroke, even death. Additionally, simply taking more aggressive drugs when milder drugs were no longer working made matters even worse.

Changing one's diet or extensive exercising alone did little to alter the ravages of one's Type 2 Diabetes, the research proved.

"Since Type 2 Diabetes is centered in the inability of the Pancreas, it occurred to the team to take steps to 'reset' the Pancreas," Dr. Young disclosed.

They found that resetting one's Pancreas did the trick. 80% of the Center's patients are reporting no Type 2 Diabetes issues. They are off their drugs completely and feeling like new. Even the loss of feeling in their feet and legs, Neuropathy, has disappeared.

"I had to face amputation of my feet. Now I'm up and walking as if I never had Type 2 Diabetes," raves Alice Wonderling, a patient of the Foundational Health Center.

"Eating normally, no pills ... it's like someone returned me to 30 years ago," exclaims Walter Fisher, another patient of Dr. Young.

"I went into medicine with the goal of helping people. Our research has shown that the faster we can get our patients off of prescription drugs by using protocols that allow one's body to fix itself, naturally, the happier our patients are. This research has been nothing short of miraculous," Dr. Young declares.

When I asked Dr. Young to disclose his findings he was happy to do so. Furthermore, and you're not going to believe this incredible fact, his Foundational Health Center does not charge a dime for these secrets. As such, he has patients contacting his Center from all across the country and internationally.

"Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Johanna Budwig, developed what has become known as the 'Budwig Cocktail'. It is a mixture of protein that cloaks flaxseed oil and fish oil, with other ingredients that can literally remake the patients' cell membranes in order to reset the pancreas. Go to our web-site, www.FoundationalHealthCenter.org, and you'll find the entire recipe. Mix it up and home and watch what happens over the next 2 months or so. We also recommend that you take iodine in the form of Lugol Solution. All glands that secrete need iodine including the pancreas and it is all-too-often in short supply in the American diet. You can get a prescription for this extremely important aid from your physician or come by or call our Center," John instructed.

When was the last time anyone offered such important and urgent research without some cost attached.

Doctors and physicians around the country are invited to contact Dr. Young at his Foundational Health Center in Largo, FL, (727-545-4600) to get all the information that will help them assist their patients who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

"In a few years, there is every reason to expect that Type 2 Diabetes will be eliminated for most sufferers, especially the children," Dr. Young concluded.

Dr. Young has a new book coming out in the spring of 2011 that promises to be a breakthrough best-seller.


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