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As Police Numbers Decreases – Citizen Self-Protection Increases
Timothy A. Dimoff -- High Risk Security Expert Timothy A. Dimoff -- High Risk Security Expert
Cleveland , OH
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As Police Numbers Decrease – Citizen Self-Protection Increases

Cleveland, OH, October 19, 2010...Timothy A. Dimoff, CPP, a high-risk security and violence expert and author of Life Rage, says we are heading into a society where people will be more responsible for their own protection and safety. Dimoff cites the ever decreasing police forces as one of the main reasons for this. Dimoff states "Cities and states across the country are laying off and cutting staff from their police and safety forces in record numbers. This is due primarily to budget cuts. While there is some federal money available, often cities are using these funds to purchase gear instead of increasing bodies based on concerns that they may not be able to pay new hires when the federal money runs out. Extreme staffing cuts are not only dangerous for the general public they are also more dangerous for the police and safety forces on the streets as criminals are more inclined to challenge authority when they know there are fewer police."

Dimoff cites these statistics: Three years ago, Newark began recruiting new police officers and training them to fight crime in a city steeped in violence. In November, they plan to lay off all but 19 of the 184 police academy recruits due to budget issues. In California, the city of San Carlos closed down their 32 office police department; Michigan cut its state police force by 15% from 1995-2008; Oregon's state police has been cut by more than 30% since 1995; and according to a recent USA Today report, twelve other states have smaller state police patrols than they did in 1995.

Dimoff says "As a result of this, we are becoming a nation where the general population will have take more responsibility to defend itself as people take their protection into their own hands. Gun control will become an even bigger issue as people want to have the protection they need when they defend themselves. People want and need the right to bear arms to protect themselves and their family from murderers, rapists, muggers, etc. And with all the recent school, church and workplace shootings people are even feeling unsafe in places previously thought to be safe havens. The logical argument is that more and more people want and need the ability to defend themselves. Fighting back and self-defense is becoming the new norm."

Dimoff is president of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., a high-risk security consulting firm. He is the author of Life Rage, a chilling examination of today's rages including workplace, school, road, etc. (www.liferage.com). He has appeared on national TV, on radio, and in major newspapers. SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. is located at Canal Place, Suite 2512, 520 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44311. Telephone: 330-255-1101. Website: www.sacsconsulting.com.


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