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Gun Rights Needed for Religious Rights, says John Snyder
--- Rest In Peace ---  John M. Snyder --= --- Rest In Peace --- John M. Snyder --=
Arlington, VA
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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"Americans may have to use their gun rights to protect their religious rights," John Snyder, named the senior rights activist by Shotgun News, said here today.

Snyder said the growing demands of extremist Islamic elements for the imposition of Shariah law in the United States and their willingness to use violence may lead to a situation in which law-abiding American Christians and Jews have to use guns to defend life, property and religion.

"While we commend American law enforcement and intelligence agencies for exposing and interrupting the conspiracies and machinations of extremist Islamist elements, officials can not be everywhere all of the time," said Snyder. "Law-abiding citizens may have to use firearms to face violent perpetrators with force should the need arise.

"Obviously, we hope the need never arises. We hope opponents of the freedoms we Americans enjoy will lead Islamic militants to see the attractiveness of freedom and convert to an appreciation of freedom. We hope they renounce their commitment to replace our Constitution, including our Bill of Rights, with autocratic Shariah law. Should they not, though, American citizens could be ready to face violent attempts to replace our Constitution, our freedom to worship according to the demands of our conscience, our right to keep and bear arms, and our other rights with force and with guns as instruments of force."

As national security analyst Robert Maginnis reported recently in Human Events, "The nation's leading security experts warn homegrown Islamic terrorism is becoming a serious problem. And it will likely get worse because our politically correct leaders (PC) refuse to address the root cause – fundamentalist Islam – and virtually no Muslim leaders are willing to demonize the teachings that fuel Islamic terrorism.

"The Senate Homeland Security Committee heard last week from those charged with America's domestic security. FBI Director Robert Mueller III testified, 'The threat from radicalization has evolved' from homegrown Islamic extremists during the past year and they are 'increasingly more savvy, harder to detect, and able to connect with other extremists overseas.'"

Snyder said, "Fortunately, Americans are well-prepared to protect life, liberty, property and religion should the need arise. One hundred million Americans reportedly own about 200 million rifles, shotguns and handguns and are purchasing over a million firearms a year. Law-abiding Americans enjoy an individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as underscored in two recent Supreme Court decisions.

"While people generally don't realize the significance of the right to keep and bear arms as a guarantor of freedom of worship, the truth is the Second Amendment is the lynch pin of our American heritage and is the ultimate guarantor of our system of freedom."

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