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Back Pain Free Vacation: 10-Steps to Getting Back in Shape for Summer Trip: Be Fit For Touring, Physical Activity, Long Flights
Jesse Cannone -- Back Pain Relief Expert Jesse Cannone -- Back Pain Relief Expert
Gaithersburg, MD
Friday, July 9, 2010

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No one wants back pain, or any pain, to interfere with their big summer vacation. Too much planning, waiting and dreaming have gone into our vacation getaways to let back pain interfere with all that fun and touring. Whether your plans are for a trip close to home or overseas, the primary objective is take full advantage of the opportunities at hand and, of course, to have fun.

Jesse Cannone, author of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure: How Thousands of People Got Relief Without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery, has a number of tips to quickly eliminate back pain that might be from injury, lack of exercise or just the general wear and tear from all our everyday activities.

Cannone, who in 2001 developed the ?Lose the Back Pain System?, the world?s first self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers, says that the ?key to eliminating back pain (nearly any ache, pain, or injury for that matter) is to identify the muscle imbalances that are pulling the spine, bones, and joints out of place and then stretch the tight muscles while strengthening the weak muscles.?

This is only a small part of the knowledge of Cannone has collected over his years as a fitness trainer and rehabilitation specialist who has helped millions achieve their fitness goals and eliminate their pain through his articles, books, audio programs, videos, and seminars.

Focusing on your upcoming vacation, and beyond, Cannone offers the following recommendations:

One of the primary tenets of Cannone?s work involves a therapy he developed called Muscle Balance Therapy, but in order to understand the therapy one has to understand the causes of the imbalance. When your muscles are out of balance they pull your bones and joints out of their normal position and this places them under constant and uneven stress. For example, the position and curvature of your spine is determined by the amount of balance in numerous muscle groups like the thighs, hips and torso. When muscle imbalances pull your spine and body out of alignment, the level of stress on certain muscles, bones and joints increases.

And even the smallest muscle imbalance can over time pull you out of balance and place tremendous amounts of uneven pressure and wear and tear on your body... especially the vertebrae, discs, spine and its supporting muscles. For more info about this go to www.losethebackpain.com/getstarted.html

All the aspects of Muscle Balance Therapy are included in Jesse Cannone?s book, The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, along with recommendations for the following pain relief and muscle fitness strategies.

If Summer Activities Have Ramped Up Your Pain, Cut Back a Bit in the Weeks Before Departure

Balance Your Nutrition Because a Better Diet Takes Stress Off Your Back

Drink More Water

Start a Focused and Carefully Planning Stretching Regimen

Become Aware of the Emotional Component of Your Pain

Inversion Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Heat and Cold Therapy

Natural anti-inflammatory supplements

A major problem, as Cannone and pain sufferers have found, is that a majority of treatment plans only address the symptoms and not the primary causes, thus offering the patient just temporary relief. While helping hundreds of others eliminate back pain, he has also successfully treated tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains, and much more. Cannone?s overriding motivation is to bring lasting improvements through a targeted exercise program, not to just put a band aid on a broken arm.

For more information about back pain or to obtain a free copy of Jesse Cannone?s book go to www.losethebackpain.com

About Jesse Cannone:

Recognized as one of the leading back pain relief experts in the United States, Jesse has helped millions all over the world to finally get lasting relief. In addition to being a certified fitness trainer, Jesse holds many other certifications, including Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Master Fitness Trainer. He has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines, such as The Chicago Tribune, Woman?s World; on numerous radio programs, and on thousands of Websites.

In 2001, Jesse and Steve created the Lose the Back Pain System, the world?s first self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers. It has since been refined with the help of some of the world?s leading doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals. More than 55,000 copies of this innovative and individually targeted approach have been sold in more than 85 countries. Visit Jesse at www.LoseTheBackPain.com.

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