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No More Diabetes! - Gary Null' Tells How To Prevent and Reverse Diabetes Naturally

No More Diabetes
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No More Diabetes! – Gary Null Tells How To Prevent & Reverse Diabetes NATURALLY!

New York Times Best Selling Author Is Helping Millions

New York, NY June 11, 2010: Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in America, and growing fast. This year over 1.6 million cases of Diabetes will be diagnosed and that leaves an even larger amount of the undiagnosed. Legs will be amputated. Vision lost. Depression set-in. Despair and death due to strokes, hearth attacks and cancer. All related to Diabetes.

Until Dr. Null's newest book, No More Diabetes, those who suffer with Diabetes were relegated to prescription drugs with significant potential for harmful, even deadly, side effects. And these drugs only temporarily delayed the damage Diabetes was doing to the body. They did nothing to stop the problems associated with Diabetes.

Gary Null, Ph.D., tells the real story of Diabetes' causes. Then his book lays out the most comprehensive guide to prevent and, yes. Actually reverse diabetes and its associated disorders, including obesity, stroke, cancer, arthritis and depression.

""Overweight and obese Americans are waking up to the fact that they are in immediate danger of going blind, having limbs amputated, suffering strokes, cancer, depression and heart attacks. Those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes now have a route to not only stopping but fully reversing this disease," Null stated.

Null's books have sold over 37,000,000 copies placing him in the list of the top 10 selling authors in America. He is a frequent program host on health and nutrition on public television where he raises tens of millions of dollars for these non-commercial stations.

"I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 12 years ago," Bill Thompson admitted. "I did nothing about it. The drugs the doctor prescribed had severe side effects. Last year I lost all the feeling in my feet at first and then my lower legs. Gary Null's book and protocol literally saved my life. He made the whole problem easy to understand and doable."

"It's very simple. I told Bill that he needed to make a decision. Either enjoy lots of Christmases and birthdays with his children and grandchildren or maybe get one more Christmas or one more birthday in before he was a wheelchair bound cripple or dead," Gary added.

Dr. Martin Feldman, Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City sees patients that are rapidly on their way to becoming Type 2 Diabetics or are already suffering from this malady. "No More Diabetes has done something heretofore impossible. I am now able to use the protocol detailed in Dr. Null's book to help my patients stop the horrible effects of Type 2 Diabetes. But most amazingly, we are now totally reversing this disease. My patients are now able to live normal lives without the fear of losing their eyesight, a foot or a leg, or worse, having a stroke or heart attack," Feldman stated enthusiastically.

All the data in No More Diabetes relies on scientific record of Diabetes research. This is arguably the definitive book on the subject.

Until now, those suffering with Type 2 Diabetes had no hope of recovery and could only rely on aggressive drugs or insulin injections.

No More Diabetes is available in bookstores or direct from Gary Null & Associates (www.GaryNull.com).


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