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Citizens Endorse Soldiers Gun Rights Bill
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Washington, DC
Sunday, May 23, 2010

"We support whole-heartedly a bill introduced in the Senate a few days ago to protect the gun rights of our soldiers," John M. Snyder, Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said here today.

S. 3388, the proposed Service Member Second Amendment Protection Act, was introduced by Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, and referred to the Committee on Armed Services.

It would protect the Second Amendment rights of soldiers and Department of Defense civilian employees by prohibiting the DOD from requiring the registration of privately owned firearms, ammunition or other weapons beyond what is already required by federal law.

"We believe firmly that our service men and women should receive the protection the enactment of this legislation would afford them," said Snyder. "Congress should move swiftly and positively on the Inhofe proposal."

Sen. Inhofe proposed the measure because, as a reaction to the Fort Hood shooting last November, "some military bases and DOD installations have instituted or are looking at instituting regulations that violate the Second Amendment rights of soldiers and individuals working for DOD" and Inhofe wants "to address these potential Second Amendment violations."

"We deplore in no uncertain terms the horrid acts of Nidal Malik Hassan at Fort Hood," said Snyder, "and the factors that led up to and surround this attack should be thoroughly and incisively investigated. However, we agree 100 percent with Sen. Inhofe that, 'Punishing law-abiding citizens who work at military installations and honorably serving members of our military by violating their Second Amendment rights is not an acceptable approach. Adding more gun ownership regulations on top of existing state and federal law does not address the problems associated with Hassan's case, nor will gun ownership over-regulation prevent similar heinous attacks in the future. This bill will prevent current and potential Second Amendment violations for those serving and employed by the Department of Defense.'"

Specifically, S. 3388 would allow a military or civilian employee of the Department of Defense to possess, own, carry, or use a privately owned firearm or ammunition in keeping with state and federal laws without the additional interference of the Department of Defense when those items are not located on property owned and operated by DOD.

Under the bill, DOD would continue to regulate military and civilian employee's possession of a firearm while on official business or in uniform.

S. 3388 would void regulations adopted before enactment of S. 3388 that prohibit the protection of Second Amendment rights.

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