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Hypnosis and Healing: The Sound Effects of Stonehenge
Dr. Jean Cirillo, PhD, J.D., Psychologist Dr. Jean Cirillo, PhD, J.D., Psychologist
Huntington , NY
Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dr. Jean Cirillo
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For centuries people have wondered about the healing effects of the rituals conducted at Stonehenge.  One likely theory is that the arrangement of the stones produces sound effects that induce a trance-like state in participants, making them more susceptible to suggestion.        On Wednesday December 2nd on the History Channel's new series, MysteryQuest, 10pm ET, 9pmCT,  this theory will be explored.                                                                                                      First, the team will visit the Stonehenge monument to record sounds at different points inside the chamber.  Fascinating effects resemble what could be an early version of rock music.                                                         Then a man is tested at NYU Medical Center for the effects of sound on different parts of the brain.  Later that afternoon, I place the man under hypnosis to demonstrate suggestibility in that trance-like state.  The results are fascinating!  Tune in 10pm tonight, 9pmCT for what just might be the explanation that modern science brings to the ancient mystery of Stonehenge.     
Jean Cirillo, Ph.D.
Huntington, NY
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