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To Revitalize Economy, US Must Re-Energize and Reindustrialize, Say Futurist
Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. -- Future Trends and Longevity Expert Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. -- Future Trends and Longevity Expert
Mount Freedom , NJ
Friday, November 20, 2009

To Revitalize Economy, US Must Re-Energize and Reindustrialize, Say Futurist

MORRISTOWN, NJ (Expansionary News Service) November20, 2009 If the US economy is to fully recover, the US will have to first rebuild its energy and industrial base. If we fail to do so, America will soon become a second-class power whose citizens will see their standard of living drastically deteriorate.

Or so said Dr. Michael G. Zey, noted futurist/sociologist and author of The Future Factor, Seizing the Future, and Ageless Nation in his speech delivered to that MENSA Society at New Jersey's Woodbridge Hilton. In his hour-long speech Michael Zey described to MENSA members strategies he says the US must pursue to compete with Russia, India, China, Brazil, and other nations.

According to Dr. Zey, we must at least double our industrial output. And we must build an energy development infrastructure, based on our own natural resources as well as advanced nuclear power technology, that will enable us to not only meet our own energy needs but also to become a net energy exporter. The revenues from such exports would boost our GDP and reduce the now trillion-dollar deficit.

Zey stated that we must radically upgrade the nation's educational institutions, and embrace a host of technologies and treatments to help Americans lead very long lives as "young, vibrant," and productive citizens. He even predicted that countries will try to gain an economic and military competitive edge over their global rivals by using human enhancement technologies to develop smarter, stronger "ultrahumans."

He said that America's industrial rebirth will be in part sparked by the revival of home manufacturing. "Technologies such as 3D printing and eventually nanotechnology," Dr. Zey told the audience, "Will soon enable your family to produce at home furniture and kitchenware by simply entering commands on a computer." Space exploration and colonization will also be an integral part of our economic renaissance. "Countries are now eyeing the Moon, Mars and asteroids as potential sources of minerals as well as Helium-3 that can help power future nuclear fusion reactors," he stated.

According to Dr. Michael G. Zey, the Obama administration has become overly dependent on financial strategies like the stimulus package and TARP to revive the economy. He also said that the President is leading the country toward an "economic dead-end" by favoring energy sources such as wind and biomass over nuclear. In media appearances Dr. Zey has declared that the proposed health care bill will actually prevent many Americans from enjoying the fruits of the Superlongevity and human enhancement revolutions.


About Michael G. Zey

Dr. Michael G Zey is the author of "Ageless Nation" (New Horizons/Kensington), "The Future Factor" (Transaction Publishers; McGraw-Hill hard cover), "Seizing the Future: The Dawn of the Macroindustrial Era" (Simon and Schuster, hardcover; Transaction Publishers/ Paperback) and The Mentor Connection.

He consult in the areas of formal mentor programs, future trends, technology development, career issues, and leadership development for Fortune 500 companies and government, including AT&T, Nabisco (all divisions), Kaiser Associates, Warner Lambert, Hoechst-Celanese, United Technologies, the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations.

Dr. Michael Zey's controversial and original views on social and techno-trends have appeared in the LA Times, Providence (RI) Journal, Boston Globe, Worth, the Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur, the Sacramento Bee, The Age (Melbourne, Australia), La Liberation (Paris), Prosper, Flair and Il Sole/24Ore (Italy) The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABCnews.com, Radio Free Europe, La Monde, and XMSatellite''s USAToday/Newstalk station, NJ Business, as well as on WABC's "Batchelor and Alexander Show", AT&T's "Tech TV" and "The Bill Cunningham Show", as well as many NPR programs. He has been interviewed for The Wall Street Journal Report, CNBC, CNN, The Turning Point, and the Brazilian Globotv network program "Jornal Nacional". He has been an invited guest on FoxNews, PBS's Nightly Business Report, and ABC's 20/20. His views on human enhancement technologies appear on the website of the Discovery Channel, www.discovery.com.

He is also a regular contributor to KNX-AM, the Los-Angeles news affiliate of CBS.

Michael Zey serves as Executive Director of the Expansionary Institute (www.zey.com), is a Full Professor at Montclair State University, NJ. and consults to corporations and government agencies.

Source: Expansionary News Service, Morristown, NJ.)

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Michael G. Zey, Ph.D.
Exec. Director
Expansionary Institute
Mount Freedom, NJ