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January 11, 2010 - National Clean Off Your Desk Day
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eileen Roth
It is coming -- Monday, January 11, 2009 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day according to Chase's Annual Events. Actually Mr. Chase's daughter created this day for her dad to clean off his desk at least once a year. So naturally he had to add this day to his book of special days, Chase's Annual Events.

To help you utilize this day, and every day, Eileen Roth, productivity expert and author of Organizing For Dummies® has these tips:

1. Every night clear off the desktop.

Put away all files and papers that are out. When you start work in the morning, you will feel better sitting at a clean desk.

2. Make file folders for all papers.

Do not create a Miscellaneous File. After all what's in it, is something.

So give it a name and a place.

3.  Reduce writing utensils. 

Reduce the number of pens and pencils in your desk. You can only write with one at a time, you do not need 20.

4. Rewrite sticky notes.

If you have sticky notes all over the place, put each on a larger piece of paper and file the note in the appropriate file. Then you will find the information when you want it, and where you want it.

5. Use a spiral pad.

Buy a small spiral notepad or a steno pad to write down all miscellaneous notes during the day instead of post-its. The spiral binding will keep them from getting lost.

6. Listen to voice mail just once.

Play your voice mail once and write it down in a bound pad. Skip a line between messages. All messages will be available and your voice mail will be clear.

7. File business cards.

File cards in a business card file by company than individual name. If you belong to groups, file all members under that group.

8. Carry a To Read file.

Go through your To Read file and pull out just the articles you really want. Throw away all extraneous material. Take a small To Read file with you whenever you go somewhere.

9. Purge your files.

At least once a year, purge your files. Toss what has been sitting there for years and never used. Remember the 80/20 rule – 80% of the files will never be used, 20% will be used over and over again.

10. Practice every day.

Practice these steps every day for an organized office.

EileenRoth, Your Tour Guide for Success, author of Organizing For Dummies®.

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Eileen Roth
Your Tour Guide for Success
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Scottsdale, AZ
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