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Little-Known Treatment Delivers Fast Pain Relief
Jesse Cannone --- Back Pain Relief Expert Jesse Cannone --- Back Pain Relief Expert
Gaithersburg , MD
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little-Known Treatment Delivers Fast Pain Relief

How Far Infrared Heat Can Eliminate Pain and Speed Healing

It is time to throw out your old-fashioned heating pad and look to far-infrared heat for pain relief, according to back pain specialist Jesse Cannone, co-founder of the Healthy Back Institute.

Normal heat, like that produced by a traditional heating pad, is only able to heat the skin and it does not penetrate deep into the tissues. A far infrared wavelength of light - not visible to the human eye -- warms a person or object without warming the air between the source and the object. This way of heating is called conversion and is energy-efficient. But more important, it's able to penetrate deep into your tissue which makes it much more effective.

The Mayo Clinic reported that far infrared heat delivers health benefits on top of helping reduce your back pain. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the Mayo Clinic showed how far infrared heat therapy significantly lowers your blood pressure, helps you lose weight faster, lowers your blood sugar, significantly increases your blood flow and circulation, lowers your cholesterol and lowers your triglycerides (too much of this is linked to coronary artery disease).

"The Mayo Clinic study suggests far infrared heat therapy even lowers your risk of getting arteriosclerosis," Cannone added.

"If you're trying to manage chronic back, neck or leg pain, a far infrared heating pad could be the single greatest investment you'll make - ever," Cannone said. "If you use it for just a 30-minute session, the pain relief can last for up to six hours."

"You can get all these benefits without diets, exercises or months of treatments -- not that those aren't good for you," Cannone said. "We should all eat right and exercise. But most of us could use a little extra help, too."

"At the Healthy Back Institute, the far infrared heating pad has quickly become one of the most popular items among our clients," Cannone said. "Our clients report great results. Our pad can give you the right amount of deep heat to relieve your pain."

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Back pain specialist Jesse Cannone, co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, is a certified fitness trainer, certified post-rehabilitation specialist and certified specialist in performance nutrition. Cannone has authored a number of health and fitness books and is known most for his international, best-selling "Lose the Back Pain System," a self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers. Visit www.LosetheBackPain.com  for FREE pain relief guides, articles and videos, revealing the latest in research and treatment breakthroughs for people suffering from all types of back, neck and sciatic pain.

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT
Healthy Back Institute
Gaithersburg, MD