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Nutritional Acupuncture Restores Health in Stunning Demo
Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter (R) Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter (R)
Sausalito, CA
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nutripuncture, A French Medical Breakthrough To Be Studied at CIIS Integrative Health Studies

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July 8, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO---) When Anna walked into the university auditorium at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), she was limping in obvious pain, barely able to put weight on her left knee. "It's nothing but bone on bone; I need a knee replacement," she said.

But after a few brief moments of Nutripuncture delivered by French scientist and medical doctor Patrick Veret, Anna walked around in a circle, upright and spry, as if no surgery was needed. "I'm stunned. What just happened?" she asked. Equally amazed were the attendees of this two-minute healing demonstration, professors and staff at the university who were asked to witness and scrutinize a revolutionary method of restoring health and optimal balance.

Dr. Veret is an expert in the science of Nutripunture, a medical breakthrough developed in France based upon the original findings of scientist George Lakhovsky who worked with oscillating polymetallic circuits. Veret and his colleague Cristina Coumo, an Italian practitioner and movement therapist, offered two days of demonstrations before CIIS faculty and staff.

The French and Italian team was brought to CIIS by Alfonso Montouri, PhD, Chair of the Transformative Learning departments, who encountered their work while in Europe. Montouri was so impressed with the resolution of some nagging symptoms that he arranged for the CIIS demonstration. Veret and Cuomo offered their time free of charge, since they explained that they were on a mission to share this method with professionals willing to learn the science and train others.

How does Nutripuncture work?

According to Veret, deviations in the body's vital currents (what Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors call meridans), lead to numerous physical and psychological pathologies. Drawing from principles of energy flow and modern science's discovery of electromagnetic information, Nutripuncture as a new healing system combines ancient healing traditions with cutting-edge science on electromagnetic energy as nutritional information for the meridiens. Nutrients-as-energy, and energy-as-information are well accepted tenets of orthomolecular or functional medicine, the frontier branches of medicine in which biophysicists and nutritional biochemists collaborate.

However, according to Veret, Nutripuncture operates on additional dimensions, including psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and an energetic plane that can only be described as pre-manifested or the process of incarnating into human flesh.

The more Veret tried to explain how Nutripuncture works, (in French with Cuomo's translations) the more the assembled parties wanted to see another demonstration. Soon people were asking for "whatever Anna got." No matter what physical complaint was presented to Veret, he began the same way. He asked the person "What is your name?" over and over. As the person responded, Veret listened carefully for the way the person embodied his or her identity, and from there, uncovered which lines of vital force in the body were laboring under miscommunication or sustained trauma or any number of breakdowns in energy flow. He then tested the muscle strength (applied kinesiology) while having the client chew a sequence of tiny mineral supplements—little chalky pills that contain trace amounts of substances such as calcium, zinc, and potassium, flavored with a little stevia and bound with "neutralized" lactose.

"So the minerals are supplying something vital for the meridians?" asked one scholar in Chinese Medicine. No, it wasn't the minerals, Veret explained. The "magic" was in the energetic information produced by giving these minerals in a certain order. They act on the meridians just as a series of needles would stimulate restored chi. But in this case what is restored is way beyond chi. Nutripuncture addresses the original incarnating impulses of the individual from embryo to present day, including the formation of muscle, bone, tissue, organ and organ system, and sensory development.

"It's the sequence that is so important," explains his colleague and partner, Cuomo. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the polarity of Yin and Yang govern the vital polarized flow between the cerebral pole (nervous system) and metabolic pole (organs). All living organisms on this planet require this polarity of life between different systems and within each cell in order to pump life, maintaining the potential over cellular membranes and conduct all the functions.

But the Chinese philosophy is not enough to describe what CIIS faculty and staff witnessed these two days. People had the source of their illnesses illuminated, whether it was emotional, physical, spiritual or psychological. Some had the core attributes of thyroid problems revealed; others had an opportunity to have severe discomfort in an eyeball relieved. Another noticed a positive shift in psychoemotional state and was able to forgive and forget a long-held resentment. Another felt resolution over addiction.

Nutripuncture purports to restore the proper relationship between the individual and genetic inheritance, environment, gender, internal and external stimuli, and emotional temperament. The implications for correcting imbalances are so vast that Veret's 220-slide well-illustrated Power Point description (in French) attempts to explain what has been verified by spectrophotometry, muscle tests, dark field blood analysis and about 25 years of clinical practice within medical association in Canada and Europe. His book Traite de Nutripuncture, co-authored with Dr. Yvonne Parquer, covers epigenetics, psychophysiology, functional medicine and presents a scientific hypothesis for a mechanism of action.

According to Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, Department Chair and Professor of Integrative Health Studies and Ian Grand, PhD, Professor of Somatic Psychotherapy, the French doctor's demonstration was nothing short of a remarkable new healing paradigm. Veret was able to resolve nagging health complaints—sometimes within a few hours, and often, within a matter of days. Do the results last over a year or two? CIIS intends to investigate further. More scientific research is warranted based on the quick results witnessed on these two days in July.

A return visit is planned for September and early October with a public workshop given by Veret and Cuomo. For more information, or if you'd like to be invited to the next Nutripuncture demonstration, contact Dr Meg Jordan at mjordan@ciis.edu, or call 415 575-6285.

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