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September is the New January
The Kevin Eikenberry Group The Kevin Eikenberry Group
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Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Monday, September 5, 2022


September is the new JanuaryMost people think of September as the time for back to school. But if you are reading this, you likely aren’t in school. Many also think of the New Year as the time to adapt, change, and learn. Apparently, when we stopped going to school, we shifted our thinking. If “Orange is the New Black,” and 50 is the new 30, why can’t September be the new January?

Why Should September be the New January?

People are funny.  If we don’t have a date to do something, find something else to do, delay or just plain procrastinate.  The start of school meant “it’s time to learn again.” As we grew older something about the turning of the calendar made it seem like that was time for the fresh start, with new goals and plans.

When you stop and think about it, why should the calendar matter at all?  There is nothing stopping any of us from picking Tuesday, the 18th of June, our birthday, or better yet, today, to start learning anew (or changing any habit).

So while the calendar shouldn’t matter, it seems to so I propose we change how we look at the calendar. Why not reset our new starting date to September?  I can think of at least three reasons (feel free to add your own).

  • If you have kids in school, you are setting a good example for them by learning and growing when they are. (You want them to be successful learners, right?)
  • The craziness of end-of-the-year activities might not be the most effective start time for something new. Perhaps starting when you are refreshed after a summer vacation might be a better time.
  • September comes earlier in the year. While I’ve already said you could choose to start learning anytime, if you are looking at the calendar for clues, why wait three more months for your next traditional start time?

How to Make September the New January

If you like the idea of shifting the start date of your development, learning and growth to September, here are some ideas to help.

  • Decide to start. Make the decision that you want to be a lifelong student and that you are “going back to school” even if your plans don’t include a classroom.
  • Have a goal. Don’t think “New Year’s Resolution” (after all, how have those worked for you in the past?). Determine what you want to learn and why.  Focus on the benefit and you will be more successful – and far more likely to follow through. Here are some ideas to help you get past the problems with resolutions – whenever you set them.
  • Have a partner. Doing this will be better with a partner to encourage you, help you be accountable and celebrate with you.  Don’t have someone in mind?  Share this article with your friends/and colleagues and ask who wants to join you.

I’ve personally declared September as the new January, for the reasons I’ve shared.  I hope you will join me.  Maybe we can start a trend.


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