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Happiness is the Key to a Long Healthy Life
Ageless Lifestyles Institute - Dr. Michael Brickey Ageless Lifestyles Institute - Dr. Michael Brickey
Columbus , OH
Friday, June 12, 2009

Why do some cultures have people who live exceptionally healthy, long, happy lives? Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods, and not eating processed food is part of the reason. Some of these cultures eat (organic) lamb or other meat, some eat a lot of fish, and some don't each much of either. The common denominator is that the people are happy, says Natural Health Nutritionist Dr. Gary Null. Dr. Null explains that happiness isn't the American pursuit of materialism, but living in the moment and appreciating what you have.

Dr. Null says the key to overcoming health problems is to start by being clear about your values and beliefs. When these are vivid, it is easier to follow your beliefs and people are more likely to follow through with recommendations about changing what they eat, what they do, and how they spend their time.

Dr. Null is the author of more than 70 books, including Be a Healthy Woman, and more than 20 documentary films including his current PBS film, Overcoming the Dark Side. Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michel Brickey interviewed Dr. Null on Ageless Lifestyles®. The 55-minute podcast of the interview is at www.webtalkradio.net and summarized and archived on www.AgelessLifestyles.com. Dr. Null's website is www.garynull.com. Dr. Brickey is President of the Ageless Lifestyles® Institute and host of Ageless Lifestyles®.

Michael Brickey, Ph.D.
Ageless Lifestyles Institute
Columbus, OH