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What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day
Annmarie Kelly -- Keynotes - Training Seminars - Victory Coaching Annmarie Kelly -- Keynotes - Training Seminars - Victory Coaching
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Still don't have a gift for Mom yet? Thinking about buying some candy or picking up a gift certificate for a spa day? Forget it! This year, try give Mom something that will really make her happy.

What is it, you ask?

"When I talk to moms, I hear the same two complaints over and over," says Annmarie Kelly, author of Victorious Woman! Shaping Life's Challenges into Personal Victories. "They're 'no one appreciates me' and 'no one appreciates what I do'." Annmarie, who presents workshops on motherhood burnout, says it's because Moms do all the mom-jobs, including cooking cleaning, chauffeuring, social organizing, problem solving and more and do it so seamlessly and under the radar that no one really notices. "All the Mother's Day cards and gifts in the world don't make up for how dismissed and unimportant Mom feels the rest of the year," Kelly warns loved ones.

This year, Kelly suggests, make this Mother's Day one your Mom will remember all year long. How? "Get out of your world and into hers," Kelly explains, "and do it in a way that shows her that she is special to you and is valued to the family."

Kelly gives three gift suggestions that will make her Mother's Day mean love – and last all year long:

Time. First, pick one job that Mom does regularly and take over that chore – permanently. It could be cleaning the bathroom each week or taking Mom's aging mother shopping once a month. Next, figure out how much time it will take, e.g. twenty minutes daily for cleaning dishes and kitchen after dinner. Then, ask her to pick a "me-time" activity, like reading a book or calling a friend. Finally, follow-through (really do the job consistently) and follow-up (make sure she's taking her me-time).

Appreciative Attention. Instead of depending on the card and gift industry to tell you when to honor your mother, start a new ritual called Mom's Personal Day. Pick one day a month – or even every other month. Mark it on your calendar and hers. Plan something special to let your mother know she is valuable a part of your life.

Based on her interests and age, your Mom might enjoy a mother-son brunch, an afternoon at the beach or a museum, a mother-daughter shopping trip or simply a loving visit from you where she is the total focus of your attention. Find out what she would like best, and do it for her. Windfall: you'll be making memories with Mom that will stay in your heart long after ordinary trinkets would have lost their luster.

Stress-Relief. What's the one thing you do that stresses Mom out? Is it being defensive or argumentative? When she needs your help, are you always busy? Whatever that one thing is, stop doing it. It won't take away all Mom's stress, but every little bit has an impact. Bonus: the effort will build your character – and that will please Mom even more!

Make this the year your Mom feels seriously appreciated – all year long. May your Mom have the best Mother's Day of her life!

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