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How Important is Confidence?
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Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Monday, October 11, 2021


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That is a broad question – how important is confidence? Let me narrow it down just a bit – how important is confidence at work? Now that we have framed the question, let’s create a useful answer for you. In short – it more important than you may realize.

I could share research to help you answer the question, but instead I want you to do some personal research. Think about a time in your life when you had a healthy level of confidence. Once you have determined a time/situation, think about the results you achieved after the event or situation.

  • How was your stress level?
  • What did you results look like?
  • And how much of a role did your confidence have in those results.

I bet I know the short answers to these questions:

  • Manageable or good
  • Good or excellent.
  • Quite a bit

When We Don’t Have Confidence

When we don’t feel confident about a situation, we generally approach with timidity, caution and perhaps anxiety. We wonder and worry about what will happen and how we will perform.

Think about it: how many of those things will help you be more effective in any endeavor?

When We Are Confident

When we are confident at work, or in most any other situation, we experience the opposite of many of the things just mentioned.  First of all, you are more willing to try something (which is pretty important if there is something at work you really need to do). Beyond that you will have greater mental fitness:

  • Less stress. While some amount of stress can be helpful – generally speaking when you feel less stress you are better able to perform.
  • Less fear. The fear may be of failure, of looking bad or any other factor. Fear tends to immobilize us and keeps us from operating and thinking clearly and effectively.
  • Less performance anxiety. When we are confident, not only do we begin, but we also are far more likely to be mentally present as we perform, which helps perform better.

Ultimately, beyond the mental benefits we gain from greater confidence at work, both before and during the work, we will get better results, higher quality results, more consistent results, and because of the confidence/competence loop, even greater results in the future.

To build effectiveness, we often focus on skills and experience, and both are of course important.  But when you stop and think about it (which I hope this short article has helped you do), you realize that when we can build confidence at work, the work product will get better, and the stress and anxiety will drop.

Would you like less stress and frustration in our work? Would you like to have greater confidence, but not become over-confident? Would you like a predictable path to building that healthy confidence? Would you like to help others build their confidence too? If so, you can get immediate, lifetime access to the Building Confidence in Yourself and Others Master Class.

This fast-paced, 100% practical learning experience will help you predictably increase your confidence and your competence, thereby increasing your results. You will likely get an idea in the first short video lesson that will change your perspective, approach, and results.

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