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Which Session Will Change Your Life and Work?
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Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Sunday, September 12, 2021


professional developmentThere are many ways to accelerate your professional development. Learning from thought leaders is a powerful way. I’ve recently shared five ways to learn from thought leaders here. Often, the bigger challenge isn’t finding content to absorb, but finding the best content and the top leaders from whom to learn. Let me help you with that selection process.

Introducing Virtual LeaderCon 2021

Virtual LeaderCon runs from September 20-24, and we are offering a buffet of thought leaders. All live all ready and able to answer your questions, and all available for free. We have hand-selected these thought leaders as the top experts on areas of organizational leadership and professional development. Every expert is excellent, just like all the items on a great buffet. And while you might want to sample everything on a great buffet – your stomach won’t allow it.

Chances are, when you look at the line-up of speakers, you will want to listen to and learn from all of them, too. But just like your stomach has limited capacity, your calendar likely doesn’t have room for five straight days of learning.

Maybe you want the buffet of professional development but need to order off the menu.

If you are serious about your own professional development, don’t pass by this event. Don’t get stuck by the large menu of learning opportunities. Instead ask yourself this question:

Which session will change my life and work?

Like a good waiter, let me walk you through selecting the best learning meal for you.

Let’s break it down into simple steps.

  1. Register for Virtual LeaderCon for free. This commits you to nothing, but keeps your options open, and opens up the menu options for you.
  2. Think about your current professional development goals. What are you wanting to improve upon or learn? What skills or ideas will serve you now?
  3. Look at the schedule for the week. Make note of the sessions that match up with your professional development needs and goals.
  4. Pull up your calendar. You will need to look for openings that match the sessions you want to attend. Block your calendar for those sessions now.
  5. Invest in a Premium Registration. Perhaps you have multiple sessions that interest you, but you can’t fit into your calendar live. For a small investment, you can have lifetime access to everything we talk about, every expert, every idea, and all the wonderful surprises that come with a live event.

Virtual LeaderCon 2021

Of course, you can sample the entire buffet. You can watch all 40 hours of delicious, interactive learning from world experts – for free. But don’t let the buffet of choices dissuade you. Use the process I shared to curate and select the perfect “meal” for your professional development needs.

I guarantee when you look at the line-up, you will find at least one session you don’t want to miss. When you sign up and block your calendar, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the live community during the event.

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