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Quest to Help People Turns into Inventing Products Toward That End: Chiropractor Dr. Romina Ghassemi’s Clever Product Line Works
Dr. Romina Ghassemi --  Bax-u Posture Support Brace Dr. Romina Ghassemi -- Bax-u Posture Support Brace
Santa Monica, CA
Saturday, October 31, 2020

Quest to Help People Turns into Inventing Products Toward That End: Chiropractor Dr. Romina Ghassemi’s Clever Product Line Works

When Dr. Romina Ghassemi arrived in the United States, from Iran in 1987, her dream was to pursue a passion to help the suffering. Eight years later she became a Chiropractic Doctor with advanced training in Bio-Physics, Scoliosis Treatments, Neurology, Spinal Correction programs and Ergonomics. Focused on finding the underlying causes of spinal problems and early Degenerative Joint Disease, she discovered that physical injuries could be helped, or prevented, through various types of correctional devices.    

That goal spawned a desire to invent products towards that end and this resulted in the founding of BAX-U, which markets exercise products and a line of BAX-U WEARABLES. Countless hours of tinkering, testing and learning, with over 300 prototypes, yielded a variety of individual products which are also grouped into various packages. For example, there is Doctor Recommended Head Relief Kit, Neck Relief Kit, Posture Relief Kit and ERGO 1010 Home Kit. Each kit contains a number of products designed for that specific purpose but can also be purchased individually.

"I took on the journey of invention and product development and created a line of medical devices made accessible and fashionable. The purpose of the inventions is to change & retrain muscle memory for better alignment and body movement for optimal performance, while in that optimal position thru internal Bio-Feedback loop the body develops new habits aka neuroplasticity. This would mean the person using BAX-U WEARABLES will be in correct alignment without thinking about it," says Dr. Ghassemi.

During normal times back and neck problems are common enough, but gyms are now closed, or limited, and millions have had their work shifted home and this has resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle. Not only does this mean less physical activity, but the additional stress of being cooped, alone or with family, can have a dramatic effect on physical health. When the spine is out of alignment it can detrimentally impact a variety of body functions, thus the need for proper posture is vital to alleviate or prevent headaches, fatigue, sprains, nerve irritation, strains, joint damage and skeletal changes.

Dr. Ghassemi offers at home personalized biomechanics correction with BAX-U Wearables as well as well as Corporate Wellness Program, thus helping to reduce company medical costs and increase employee productivity. Her work with HR Risk Managers, Doctors and Athletic Coaches demonstrating BAX-U WEARABLES, for correction, prevention, wellness & injury reduction, has proven highly effective. During her journey, as a student, physician, ergonomist, inventor, researcher, speaker, and teacher, Dr. Ghassemi been blessed to touch the lives of many people for the better.

Here are three informative videos from the BAX-U You Tube Channel:

Dr. Romina Ghassemi's Posture Support Review

What parents should know about their children's poor posture and how to fix it!

Dr. Romina Ghassemi on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

BAX-U posture corrector is a brand of Think Healthy Inc. a line of wearable products for better alignment and optimal physical performance. I specialize in product development and innovation technology. In the world of ergonomics and injury prevention risk mangers know me as Posture Girl. Chiropractors know me as Dr. Romina, posture products and my patients know me as "healing hands" & best adjustor. I am most proud of utilizing my medical knowledge, training, and experience to help changes lives those who I have not met or seen. What sets me apart from other chiropractors is being the top 1% of innovation of products for masses and a lecturer in corporate wellness and injury prevention. What sets me apart in the posture product world is the ability to offer a higher quality trusted product with scientific backup in the hands of consumers for better health and life.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?

I would have grown my team faster and stronger, rather than trying to do it all by myself. Today I have a great team of local and remote support. I am grateful for their work and can't thank them enough. Our customer service is fantastic and manufacturing & logistics are locally on target.

For more info call (866) 866-2225 or contact BAX-U at https://bax-u.com/pages/contact-us

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