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Vote Opportunity, Prosperity and Freedom, Not Radical Leftists
Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American
Minneapolis, MN
Friday, October 30, 2020

Most Media, Hollywood and Corporate Elites, including Big Tech Monopolists, Actively Hide Trump's Accomplishments, and Prop Up Liars and Gaslighters.

U.S. Economy Third Quarter Growth (GDP) was 33.1%.  Far exceeding expectations!

Our Trump Led V-Shaped Economic Recovery is Real. 

Undeterred and Strong, President Trump gets Real Results for American Citizens
  • Fighting the Chinese Communist Party's COVID-19 with Action and Partnerships for our Protection, our Treatment with newly approved Therapeutics, and Prevention of that Virus by encouraging private industry development of safe vaccines.  And Remember Trump Personally Beat That Virus in a few days!
  • Multiple Innovative Actions supporting Previously Forgotten Working Americans, including Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and All Citizens. (Opportunity Zones, Criminal Justice Reform, Growing Manufacturing and other Jobs, "Right To Try" emergency use for drugs, Lowering Prescription Drug Prices, to name a few.)
  • Supports Allies - Israel with new Middle East Peace Deals, and Taiwan and Hong Kong by standing up to Communist Chinese Aggression, Intellectual Property Theft and rampant Illegal Espionage.
  • Defends our Constitution and Bill of Rights, including Free Speech and Religious Freedom.
  • Fights Mainstream Media and Big Tech Censorship and Bias Against Free Speech.
  • Stands up to Evil Regimes including in China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and  North Korea.
  • Is accessible daily to respond to questions and transparent in his actions.
The Radical Leftist Alternative to Trump Would Demand:
  • Higher Taxes for All Citizens, directly or indirectly.  That would greatly damage our Economy and Retirement Plans.
  • Hiding From Voters "No Answers to Legitimate Questions Are Required Until After the Election", and Continual Flip Flops seemingly depending on the sparse audience and location.
  • Defunding Police, No National Borders, Denying Law and Order, Preference and free rights to Illegal Aliens over American Citizens.
  • Subverting our Constitutional Rights - including Freedom of Speech and of Religion.
  • Continuing Failures to Support Inner City Citizens and others with Opportunities with Law and Order..
  • Ignoring or Sabotaging Allies (Israel, Taiwan, more) and failing to counter (or worse) Enemy Regimes like Communist Russia, Radical Iran (billions in funding them!) and Communist China and Cuba.
  • Lockdowns giving Bureaucrats the Power to Control Us at the Radical Leftist's Whim.  (No masks/always masks/sometimes masks, outdoor masks, no masks for children/masks for children, etc.
  • Globalist "Blame America First" Policies that Damage Global Freedom.
  • Covering Up Corruption and Bribery that supports Foreign Adversaries,  at a minimum compromising their loyalty to America, likely also building their Swiss Bank accounts.
Choose Decisive, Constructive Actions Supporting All Americans,
Not Corruption, Lies and Violation of Constitutional Rights with Excessive Government Control
Actions and Leadership Define a Presidency, Not Tweets Needed to Fight Media Censorship of Truth.
Let's Proudly Choose Trump.


October 30, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



"Think censorship by the media and Big Tech over the "Biden Inc." story is bad? Oh, it's even worse than that. Here's another example...

Glenn Greenwald has resigned from THE INTERCEPT, the publication he co-founded in 2013, after the editors censored a piece he'd written that they deemed critical of the Bidens.

On Wednesday, he posted a resignation letter on Twitter, saying his editors had, in violation of his contract, refused to publish an article of his unless he deleted "all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden,  the candidate vehemently supported by all New York-based INTERCEPT  editors involved in this effort at suppression."

Note that Greenwald is no right-winger; THE INTERCEPT has always leaned left.

Greenwald's letter is now posted at an independent publishing site called SUBSTACK (the implication being that Twitter censored him too). He joins journalists Matt Taibbi and Andrew Sullivan in moving to that site.

Ironically, it was constraints on Greenwald's reporting of the Edward Snowden story in 2013 that caused him to co-found a new site that would give him the ability to report   more freely. "The reason it was created," he said to Tucker Carlson Wednesday night, "was to ensure that journalists would always have complete journalistic independence  and editorial freedom –- never have to pull punches journalistically or pay homage to pieties because of the...partisan or ideological preferences of editors or of anybody else. That was the core founding idea and vision."

But now the outlet he created to avoid censorship is intervening to censor HIM, just a few days before an election. This was because he "wanted to publish reporting and analysis about the evidence that raises serious questions about the conduct of the candidate that all of the editors at that outlet vehemently and enthusiastically support."Greenwald isn't American, but after dealing with his New York editors, he said his choice to resign reflects a trend of "repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press."

As he said in his resignation letter, those editors even demanded that he "refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication." Ah, so they really were pulling out all the stops to try to bury it.

Greenwald appears to be caught between the prevailing political forces of the day. As THE EPOCH TIMES put it, "Before President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Greenwald's reporting and commentary were influential among anti-war and civil liberties groups on the left. However, since the last election,  he has drawn criticism for his appearances on FOX NEWS."

Knowing Trump as I do, it doesn't surprise me that Trump is being looked upon more kindly these days by some who are anti-war and pro-civil liberties. Those don't seem to be leftist views any longer. In fact, Trump is the President who has brought long-antagonistic countries to the peace table and is bringing troops home. He's also defending constitutional rights to free speech and free assembly, while the left is doing just the opposite in an attempt to clamp down on opposition.

Greenwald said in his statement that his right to journalistic independence was being "suppressed by an authoritarian, fear-driven, repressive editorial team in New York bent    on imposing their own ideological and partisan preferences on all writers, while ensuring that nothing is published at THE INTERCEPT that contradicts their own narrow, homogenous ideological and partisan views, exactly what THE INTERCEPT, more than any other goal, was created to prevent."

Greenwald has had trouble with his editors before by daring to assert that the conclusion Trump was "colluding" with Russia was not supported by evidence. For that, he said, he was branded as a "Trump supporter," which, to these editors, must have been the worst thing you can call a person.

In 2019, in an interview with THE HILL about the Russia investigation, he said, "These kinds of scandals get conflated into tribalistic and ideological litmus tests, so that you're required to say that you're on the side of the anti-Trump forces and believe things that you don't actually believe are true upon pain of being accused of being a Trump supporter."

Ask any conservative in Hollywood if that's not true.

Greenwald explained that THE INTERCEPT was intended to be unique for another reason: its skepticism, particularly towards intelligence agencies. At the time it was founded, they were reporting on Ed Snowden and Wikileaks and were under heavy fire from the CIA, NSA, and "deep state."

"We knew they were lying constantly," he said, "and disseminating propaganda in a very powerful way. So we set out to say, 'We're going to investigate them, and we're going  to be skeptical of them; we're going to subject their assertions to critical scrutiny." Now, he's embarrassed and angry that the very outlet he  co-created published an article that snidely dismissed the Biden story as  "Russian disinformation" that no one should pay attention to.

The topper: In support of that view, it cited a letter from John Brennan, James Clapper...and "the rest of the goons from the CIA and the intelligence community asserting it,"  even though they admitted in the same letter that they had no evidence of "Russian disinformation." THE INTERCEPT conveniently left that last part out. I'm sure Brennan and Clapper and the rest of the goons would approve.

This is the opposite of what Greenwald created THE INTERCEPT to be. It now accepts as gospel whatever the intel community says, even though "there's never been any evidence that [the "Russian disinformation" story has] been true and everything since has disproven it."

"Nobody," he said, "certainly not even Joe Biden, disputes that these emails and other text messages are completely real and authentic.""

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"We Soon Learn Whether Most Americans Are Any Different From the Masses Who Fell in Line With Hitler and Stalin

Is this the election when we throw 244 years of freedom away?

The American Spectator, by Dov Fischer, October 28, 2020"

"For four years Americans have been showered with false narratives and lies about Trump, all of which easily can be refuted by taking the time to dig  deeper. This publication and its outstanding contributors, my colleagues, does an enormous service to lay out facts and to go beyond the lies. What did Trump truly say and how did he truly respond to Charlottesville? It is here.  Is he a Jew-hater? It is here. Did Brett Kavanaugh get a fair shake? It is here. What about that kid in Covington, Kentucky? It is here. And how  about the massive fraud that is "Black Lives Matter" and the hucksters who profit from race scams? Here and here and here.

It all is out there. It can be found in The American SpectatorNational ReviewAmerican GreatnessBreitbart, the FederalistPJ MediaAmerican ThinkerFrontPage. It all is out there — easy to find and cut to the chase. It can be seen on Fox News in between wasted time with comedians like Donna Brazile, Jessica Tarlov, Jed Clampett, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, and those sorts. It can be seen on Newsmax and America One. It can be heard on radio — Rush, Sean, The Great One, Larry Elder, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Bernie and SidAlan Stock in Las Vegas, Rod Arquette  in Salt Lake City, Mike Gallagher, Michael Savage. There are Ann Coulter, Michael Barone, Thomas Sowell, and VDH. There even are new sources like Epoch Times. It all is out there. The truth can be found.

But half the country does not visit those sources, and they get shut out.  Fearing Trump and conservatism more than they fear COVID, they self-quarantine from information and knowledge. They hear four years about a Mueller Investigation that will prove Trump colluded with Putin, and when it ever-so-predictably peters out they do not hear analysis that explains it all was a hoax to begin with, started by a venal and jealous politician who had no business thinking she could be elected president all because her sex-crazy husband could stalk and chew at the same time. They hear for three months about an impeachment, and then it peters out — so on to the next thing.

Like idols and statues made of metal or plaster, they have ears but do not hear, have eyes but do not see, noses but do not smell a rat. They even have minds but do not think. So they are told that Trump is a dictator who has suspended democracy. Some dictator. A dictator who, through four years of Obama judges, never defied a court ruling. A dictator who, through four years, never allocated   a dollar of federal funds not authorized directly or indirectly by Congress. He built only the Wall for which he could dislodge congressionally approved funds. He tried to cut off sanctuary cities but backed off when the courts limited him. What civil right did he ever suspend? Bill de Blasio and Mario Cuomo are closing houses of worship. Obama spied on journalists. What law-abiding opponent did Trump ever imprison or even indict? On what American did he spy? What emails did he spoliate? Did he weaponize the IRS as Obama and Biden did? Did he send deadly assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels as Eric Holder and Obama–Biden did?

We will vote for the person whose decisions will impact our lives and those of our loved ones, our homes and our jobs, our careers and our dreams — and  yet so many do not even know rudimentary facts of what lies in store, what is on the table. Lesley Stahl said a great deal when she told the president she would not ask  him about the Hunter Biden laptop because CBS had not independently verified its ownership. So the biggest scandal imaginable — a corrupt and immoral presidential candidate who leveraged his   political positions for half a century to get his family and him rich by compromising the national interest in order to curry favor with our nation's mortal enemies — is kiboshed.   In lockstep Facebook and Twitter will not allow the New York Post to share its extraordinary journalistic breakthrough on the Hunter Biden laptop. Of course the laptop was Hunter Biden's — the signature on the repair order, the photos within it of him naked in a bathtub, the emails verified by a third party who worked with him. But they will not tell the story, and they will  not allow others to tell it, so half the country's voters do not even know enough about the story to reject it. Half the public are voting without knowing that   Biden called Black schools a "jungle," that he called their mothers fools incapable of giving them a working vocabulary, and that he has produced half a century of outright public racism.

Half the country are voting without knowing that Trump built the strongest economy ever recorded, with record-shattering lows in Black unemployment, Asian, Latino, female unemployment. They were frozen out of the information. They are told night and day that he is a racist and do not grasp that racists do not set up enterprise zones for the groups they hate and criminal justice reform for the races they despise. Hitler never set up 10-year grants for Historically Jewish Colleges and Universities. Yet these people    do not know. They do not even know what Hitler is, what Hitler means. They just spew the word after reading it on Huffington or Daily Beast or Slate, or seeing a tweet from someone whose imprimatur for American national leadership is that she carried an outlier congressional district in Queens populated most heavily by those who, like her, descend from Puerto Ricans who, in many cases, barely speak English. When she tweets stuff and nonsense about the origins of the 22nd Amendment or falsely compares American compassion at the border to Hitler concentration camps, they do not even have a clue that they have sent an ignoramus to Washington. Yet her texts and tweets pass Twitter-management muster, while the legacy New York Post, founded two centuries ago by Alexander Hamilton, gets quashed. Consequently, half the country

see only the "news" that Facebook and Twitter approve, and they miss the actual news that Silicon Valley's social media monopolies black out. They have no idea what's flying. They mouth memes: "The science proves … " without having read scientific papers that would help them know what science proves. For example, the science proves that a fetus is a living being who takes real shape. The science proves that bans on logging and prohibitions against removing dried leaves and dead branches from forests assures there will be incendiary fuel to propel wildfires in the West."

"In the next few days we will get our first authoritative glimpse of what the 2020 elections have wrought. We may not know the actual results for months —  itself a matter fraught with danger. No one fairly argues for unanimity. In any reasonable polity, there should be a split of 52-48 or maybe 55-45 or even maybe 60-40. People with free and independent minds are entitled to differ. There are adequate reasons to justify a split between two worldviews when 150 million or so cast votes. But this election also will cast light on what happens when half an electorate goes to vote without knowing half of what has transpired the previous four years and without even knowing what they do not know.

Purely on his record of proven and documented achievement, and his opponent's 47 years of mediocrity and now declining cognition, it is kind of a preposterously easy call.  But reasonable minds can differ. What we will find  out is whether "the American people" still value freedom and bother to seek information that is hidden from them. One vying side could not be more clear that this election will end the courts and judicial system as we know them, will prompt changing rules to stack votes by turning a city of 700,000 into a state with two permanent Democrat U.S. senators, and granting 11 million illegal immigrants overnight citizenship and the right to vote to further stack the deck of "democracy." We shall see whether, no differently from Russians and Ukrainians and Germans brainwashed for years by a lying news and entertainment media to believe that Communism and Nazism offered solutions superior to free-market capitalism and America's constitutional freedoms, "the American people" similarly can be led by the nose to vote as their masters and handlers would lead them.

The one thing we do not have to wait to know is this: If we lose our freedoms in this country, it won't be because China's Xi took them away or because Putin  or the North Korean Dough Boy manipulated Facebook. Only the much-vaunted "American people" have the power in their hands to destroy the freedom of thought and conscience, the economic machine, the gift for invention and innovation, and the core goodness of spirit and willingness to be better that 244 years of greatness has endowed. It is in the hands of the American People to overcome their media manipulators — or to do their bidding. But if the American People choose wrongly, it may not be in the hands of the American People again in our lifetimes later to rectify the error they could perpetrate — on themselves, on us."

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Concerned American Senior Citizen.
Holds a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Juris Doctorate in Law from U.S. Universities in Illinois.
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