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Managing Life's Changes
Ronald M Allen --  Managing Change Ronald M Allen -- Managing Change
Browns Mills, NJ
Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Managing Life's Changes



Ronald M. Allen                                                                                      "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE"                   


Managing Change, LLC



                                                                       MANAGING LIFE'S CHANGES

                                                                Helping People Manage Life's Changes Successfully

June 10, 2020, Pemberton, New Jersey

Due to the existing challenges of extended government and self-imposed social distancing impacting our lives, we all need to anchor ourselves to a new reality. One that is flexible, sustainable, and allows us to better manage our state of mind, our family needs, and our society inclinations. Managing Life's Changes provides a path that a. helps us to identify our innate desire to grow by identifying what is important to us, b. To be apart of what constitutes meaningful values and benefits for our lives and c. Giving support to others by helping and providing for those that need encouragement so our faith in people grows. We help people to communicate more effectively.

It is the psychological, social, and financial challenges that we face on a daily bases and especially at this time that is causing a disconnect with ourselves, from our families and among one another. This is a kind of social trauma that has never been seen before and is professionally referred to as 'wicked change'.

Managing Life's Changes unique approach to addressing these issues is supported by providing a combination of Strategic Interventions, Solution Focused Brief Questions and Effective Coaching that creates meaningful engagement and allows the individual to be the agent of their own preferred and best future. https://www.ronaldmallen.com/testimonial/

Our personal, family and group coaching sessions entitled Mapping Your Mind 4 Success walks each participant through a series of personal key steps that they can relate to and identify opportunities for personal growth and engagement.

Our Managing Change 4 Success program helps people view their skills and competencies from an eclectic point of view and identify alternative paths to personal and professional success.

The bespoke life coaching one on one and group sessions allow for building confidence in how your perspective of the world has played out, asks you the questions to align your views and test feedback experienced to optimize your behavior in achieving what you identify is important in your life.

All three programs allow the individual to be the focus point, the agent of their own change.


I found Ronald M Allen's style of working with me to be very compatible. My schedule and demands typically challenge most, yet his ability to have me focus on how I learn and what approach to take that I find best guided me, as a coach should. 

Paul Peynado CEO ATPC


I have supported business coaching interests for such agencies as Legacy Treatment Services and Catholic Charities. I am continuing to study under Dr. Elliott Connie with Solution Focused Brief Therapy, an evidence-based methodology to help in such cases as the current COVID19 environment. With the support of Dr's Mark and Magali Peysha of the Strategic Intervention Institute, I am working towards my American Mental Health designation.

My association with the Project Management Institution has provided me the opportunity to mentor Project Managers for the New Jersey Chapter and facilitate and coach associates over the past 4 years. I have been fortunate to have the experience of working with two youth-focused initiatives, McKinsey & Co., Generation, and YearUp. I have also mentored and helped candidates navigate their personal and career paths for the Tri-State SHRM over 3 years. As an adjunct faculty teacher, I have provided workshops, programs, and courses on personal development for three state-county colleges over the past 15 years, letters of recommendation of my value can be provided. I have received 2 Senate Citation for community and business support services in the state of New Jersey. Most recently I have been asked to coach/mentor my fellow Toastmaster devotees in the New Jersey area.

Ronald has provided insightful strategic guidance while being a pleasure to work alongside. I don't give recommendations easily and I am glad to promote Ronald and a valuable resource and engaging personality. I see myself as much better off for having had the pleasure of working with him.

Glen Glancola, Program Manager at Novartis Oncology



To elevate the intent of engagement among one another across all nationalities and cultures.


Helping People Manage Life's Changes Successfully. By bringing to bear appropriate methodologies, resources, and strategies to improve people's personal and professional ability to engage successfully. We help people to communicate more effectively.


"The double benefits of building a coaching support service is producing two distinct outcomes. First, to improve the personal and professional confidence of the individual community members and their families. Secondly, it is the collective combination of all those individuals improving their self-efficacy that is then transferred by their association into their work with the various professions, ultimately producing the second effect of transforming and sustaining the health of their communities.


Ronald M Allen


Managing Life's Changes

Office: 609-556-9816

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Email: Ronald@ManagingChange2.com



Mailing Address:

Managing Life's Changes

235 Dearborn Avenue, Unite 432

Browns Mills, NJ 08015


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