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Navigating Disruption: Five Hallmarks of Leadership
Paula Flynn --   The Alchemist of Teams Paula Flynn -- The Alchemist of Teams
Melbourne, Australia
Thursday, May 7, 2020



Navigating Disruption: Five Hallmarks of Leadership

As businesses navigate extreme disruption, the leader must steer their organizations through a myriad of immediate challenges. However, a small number of leaders concurrently bring an additive lens to immediate management activity. These leaders distinguish themselves in five ways.

  1. They pay attention to their own internal state and how it influences their behavior.  They are therefore able to respond rather than merely react in times of challenge.
  2. They observe how others are working together and they influence them to collaborate and galvanize around a  common purpose.
  3. They keep an eye on the bigger picture whilst managing the immediate crisis.
  4. They invest in building their own and others' energy, setting their teams up succeed in the marathon rather than the sprint.
  5. They eliminate what is of limited value and they innovate for bigger gains, creating possibilities others only dream of.

How much extra time does this orientation take? Surprisingly, only about 5%. What a huge return for a small investment.


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Paula Flynn is internationally renowned as The Alchemist of Teams. Her approach has been deployed in over forty countries around the world. She has an uncanny ability to free collaborative genius, enabling teams and groups to achieve truly transformational results. She has achieved tremendous success with Boards of Management, executive teams, line functions, strategic teams, and alliances in the world's highest-profile organizations. Her reputation as an incisive, high impact consultant, facilitator, and coach has resulted in organizations using her expertise across diverse industries in every continent across the globe. 

Paula's distinctive approach enables teams to embrace dissonance, transform conflict, shift mindsets as well as generate the synergy to coalesce around compelling purpose. Her unique expertise has generated enormous value not only in typical contexts but in situations where collaboration is perceived as impossible. 

Her clients include CEOs, VPs, and senior leaders in fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations globally, including Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Bacardi, Fonterra, Firmenich, GHD, Clayton Utz, PwC, major hospitals, health insurers and the Department of Health and Human Services

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