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David Yohe - Film
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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


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David Yohe Showcases His Short "The Silver" 
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2019 HollyShorts Film Fest Highlighted Film Maker David Yohe
David Yohe - "The Silver"

     Film Director David Yohe entered his short film in the Sci-Fi category titled “The Silver.” A menacing looking rattle snake was featured throughout the film and when asked about it Yohe laughs, “First of all I hate snakes so I will not go near a snake. The funny thing is that we hired a wrangler because we shot in April. So all we thought, being in the middle of the desert, we better have a wrangler just in case. When we got there, he said ‘look man they’re still hibernating, they’re not going to be out.’ so he was there every day. Then one DP asked, ‘Do you have one?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I have a bunch at home.’ The DP asked ‘Can you bring one?’ Yohe continued, “So he brought it, he put it out. That was all staged.”  As far as the snake, Yohe quips, “This one was good to go. He wanted to bite everybody. I was by the monitors. I was not by that snake. All of the DP’s and camera guys got off on it. They’re all just like junkies. So they are like two feet away and I’m like nope!”

     Now about the film. Yohe explains, “We wrote the feature (full length version) first and we were really trying to put it out. Then I realized the best way to do that is to write a new five page version which is condensed with all of the stuff that is going on inside of it and give you at type of look, feel and taste of what the film would be and a huge action sequence. Most short films take a ton of information and jam it into a short but I took the opposite. I took a sequence that gives you so much scope and it kept growing, growing, growing and your imagination runs off with everything else to hopefully incite the fact that we have a bigger version and get you excited about it. The process was to write a feature, then we went back and wrote a five pager and then said, ‘Let’s kick ass, let’s make a really awesome sequence with all of these in it.’ It’s not exactly from the movie but it feels like what the movie would feel like and hopefully we did that.”
David Yohe on the Red Carpet

     Is Yohe’s crew doing other film festivals? He says, “This is our tenth. We just got back from Romania, we went to TIFF, went to Scream Fest, we were in New York City Horror, Austin, Film Quest, so yeah. HollyShorts is a home for me. I started my career here in 2007. These guys are family and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. I know everyone has to earn their keep here but having everyone behind me has been a huge push for me in my career. I was the first Oscar qualifying short film here with “Descry.” Yohe will be shooting his first feature film in the country of Cyprus as he keeps the momentum of his film train rolling fast and forward

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