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Work Your Way Up the Ladder of Success
Dr. Gaby Cora -- Leadership and Well-Being Consultant and Speaker Dr. Gaby Cora -- Leadership and Well-Being Consultant and Speaker
Miami , FL
Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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Author Gabriela Cora, MD, MBA reveals the secret to success and leading under pressure

Miami, FL ?? Stress and burnout are frequent headlines in the 21st century. Many face the daily quandary of finding new ways to thrive in order to achieve higher goals in this highly and increasingly competitive world. If you feel like the professional juggler, multi-tasking and wishing for three extra pairs of hands, a new brain or if you are plotting to order a couple of clones of yourself, then Leading Under Pressure is meant for you.

Leading Under Pressure addresses the many challenges that corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and road-warriors face in their daily quandary of finding new ways to thrive in order to achieve higher goals, with increased competition, progressively limited resources, and the same manpower. To stay competitive, they need to maximize their performance and productivity to maximize their wealth. They also need to resolve complex situations in their personal lives and within their organizations.

Everyone who is proactively working on achieving success, leading busy lives, managing others to achieve and succeed will benefit from reading this book. It is the first work to integrate effective business strategies with health strategies. It includes processed information on health and disease, a practical self-help guideline to determine where you are in the wellbeing and stress continua, and practical strategies to improve performance and productivity while maximizing health and wellbeing.

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, and road-warriors will be most interested in the book as they are the ones experiencing constant pressure to produce more with less. It will affect people?s lives by offering practical solutions and effective strategies to maximize health and wealth and achieve wellbeing and prosperity. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or a corporate executive, Leading Under Pressure is a part of your everyday life.

About the Author

Dr. Gabriela Cora is President of The Executive Health & Wealth Institute (www.ExecutiveHealth.com) and Managing Partner of The Florida Neuroscience Center (www.FloridaNeuroscience.com) Her expertise in assisting executives, entrepreneurs, and road warriors in crisis leadership inspired her to create Leading Under Pressure. She is a licensed medical doctor, board-certified psychiatrist, certified mediator, and has a master?s in business administration.
Gabriela Cora, MD, MBA
Executive Health & Wealth Institute, Inc.
Miami, FL
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