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Here Are 5 Easy Steps To Be Slim For Life…
Susan Gayle, MS, CH, RMT- Hypnotist, Therapist, Behavior Modification Susan Gayle, MS, CH, RMT- Hypnotist, Therapist, Behavior Modification
New York , NY
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Susan Gayle, CH, author of “Take Control Of Your Eating” Self-Help CD
Susan Gayle, Certified Hypnotist (NGH, ABH, IMDHA, IACT) & Founder of the New Behavior Institute (www.NewBehaviorInstitute.com), says, ?Your actions are a reaction to your inner needs. Resisting, or fighting, those needs only strengthens them.?

Gayle goes on to explain, ?What you give your attention to you draw to you. Try telling yourself that you don?t want that piece of chocolate cake! The chocolate cake seems to become more desirable and delicious by the minute. You see, your attention is on the chocolate cake ? you?re focusing on the very thing you don?t want and wondering why you can?t get your mind off it!?

Susan Gayle, CH gives these 5 easy steps to being slim for life:

Step One: ?Use your Subconscious Mind to stay on track?

Now here?s an important trick Susan Gayle gives us; ?The last thing we say to ourselves before falling asleep will be repeated all night long by the subconscious mind. To stay in control, an easy and very powerful exercise is to write a simple sentence of what you wish to accomplish (i.e., to lose weight ?I am in the process of becoming thinner and thinner?), keep the paper with the sentence next to the bed so you are sure to see it before falling asleep, then repeat the sentence, out loud, four (4) times before turning out the light.?

That?s it!

What to do if your resolve starts to weaken during the day? Susan Gayle, CH says: ?Throughout the day, if you need more reinforcement, repeat the sentence silently to yourself, connecting to the inner strength it conjures up. Note that the sentence must be written in positive terms - NOT ?I don?t want to eat chocolate cake? - because that is actually focusing on what you DON?T want, and what we focus on intensifies. So the key is to focus on the new behavior you DO want (?I crave healthy food, eat small portions and feel totally satisfied.?). And the sentence must be in the present tense. Your subconscious is very literal, and if you focus on the future, your success will always remain in the future. So focus on the fact that you are accomplishing this NOW.?

Step Two: ??Stay focused on what you want?and that?s what you?ll get.?

Susan explains, ?Is it true that you don?t want the chocolate cake? No! But is it also true that you really want to feel slim and fit into that gorgeous?whatever? Yes! So bring your focus back to what you want. Whenever your thoughts wander over to a piece of food that would thwart your weight loss, gently remind yourself of your greater desire to feel slim and look great! Tell yourself, ?No, I?d rather feel slim and look great.?

Step Three: ?Eat foods you truly like that are also healthy and not-fattening.?

Gayle gives this example, ?Broccoli is a wonderfully healthy food that is filling and non-fattening. But if you hate broccoli, forcing yourself to eat it isn?t going to work for you in the long run. You?ll feel deprived and you?ll hate the food you?re eating. I can think of no better way to kill your resolve than that! But maybe you love string beans. Great! Eat string beans. Dip them in a little salad dressing for flavor.?

Susan Gayle, CH, advises, ?You?re not denying yourself foods you love?you?re loving yourself by choosing foods that will get you feeling great about yourself. An important aspect of successfully staying on track is to eat foods you like that are also supportive of your decision. Just because a food is slimming and healthy, that isn?t the only reason to eat it. If you don?t like it, it won?t support you in your efforts. The point isn?t to make you unhappy?it?s to make you happy about yourself. To that end, make a list of the foods you truly like that are also healthy and not-fattening.?

Step Four: ?Allow yourself to indulge occasionally?

Susan says, ?If you?re craving something sweet?go ahead. Have a small portion?know that you?re allowed and then get right back on track. It?s the long-term consistency that works, not what you eat in any given meal. Relax, be gentle with yourself, and keep moving forward. Remember, this is about eating right for life. Not fast weight loss that causes you to yo-yo. Make the decision to eat what you like that is also good for you and then forget about it. Shift your way of eating, satisfy occasional cravings, then get on with focusing on your life?not your food.?

Step Five: ?Slow down and you?ll automatically eat less?

Gayle tells us, ??One reason why people eat quickly is that they feel guilty about eating. We somehow think that if we hurry up, we won?t have to face the fact of our behavior. All that does is intensify the problem.?

?You are allowed to eat ? it is one of the most enjoyable and gratifying activities of being human. Give yourself permission to enjoy your food! Give yourself permission to eat! Now slow down and actually enjoy the food you?re eating. Taste it. Notice it?s smell?how it looks. Truly enjoy the whole experience and take the time to relish it. Relax, enjoy and slow down so that you can. You?ll find you?ll be eating less and feeling more satisfied. And allowing your body to actually feel full and fulfilled! You?ll eat less and enjoy it more!?

Gayle concludes, ?Enjoy your food?eat foods you like, while reducing portions. Work with your Subconscious Mind ?it?s your best friend. Drink plenty of water and focus on your desire to feel great about yourself. The weight will come off you effortlessly. And with these 5 steps, you can stay slim for life.?

Susan Gayle ? Take a Breath and Take Back Your Life.

It?s been said of Susan Gayle and her work, ? We regain our lost sense of ease, grace and limitless potential.? And besides, she?s fun!

Susan Gayle, CH, is the author of the CDs ?Let Your Stress Go? and ?Learn To Be Stress-Free? (available at www.NewBehaviorInstitute.com) and 12 others which help people learn how to take control and make positive changes in their lives. She is Founder of the New Behavior Institute that specializes in Cognitive Change for both individuals and corporations. She is a Speaker, Author, Teacher, Certified Hypnotist (NGH, ABH, IMDHA, IACT) and Recording Artist. Susan has been written up in the NY Times, quoted in The Hartford Courant, Orlando & Sun Sentinel, University of Connecticut Health Newsletter, Sacramento Bee, Woman?s Day, Women?s World, Quick & Simple, Arizona Republic, Black Enterprise, HRMagazine and others and is a regular guest on national radio. She is host of the Radio show ?Susan Gayle?s Happy Hour?.

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