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The Updated NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN: NOTHING anybody could be proud of!
Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD --  Anti-Aging Medicine Expert Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- Anti-Aging Medicine Expert
Los Angeles , CA
Monday, July 24, 2017

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM

"Disease Care" instead of "Health Care" throws people into the fangs of the special interests that not only caused the recent sky-rocketing health care costs ($500+ billion) in the first place, but also is triggering the onset of six medical disorders.

And, all of this to call it the "Republican" Health Care Plan? Who would buy into such highly Illogical and suspicious pseudo-science?

To make health care truly effective, and far less expensive, it should be:

  1. Preventative, as outlined by Dr. Ron Klatz, President of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: "Mr. President, let's make America healthy again" AND NOT "Disease Care" ("What are your symptoms?" - - "Here are some drugs") instead of educating people about key health modalities).   http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/03/prweb14129827.htm  See the Replacement "Health Care Plan" – in reality, it's nothing more than "DISEASE CARE" that provokes EVEN MORE QUESTIONS.http://www.NewsReleaseWire.com/106071
  2. It MUST address (and eliminate) the SPECIAL-INTEREST-CAUSED obscene health care cost increases/ripoffs, and, in doing so, educate people about the association between the cost increases and the six major medical disorders that go hand-in-hand with it.  By not doing so – and even incorporating sweetheart deals for Big Pharma, the fast food industry, and, others (see below), Republicans, in essence, deny people access to wellness. The Republicans are facilitating the withholding of knowledge of the causes 6 major medical disorders; these petty partisans are clearly associating themselves with the (greed-based) special interests that place $$ above people's health.

Q.: What/who caused the sky-rocketing health care cost, adding up to at least $ 500 billion - - (not addressed in the Republican re-write)?

A.: The swamp occupants -- NOW FAVORED BY TRUMP -- that are still key to the sky-rocketing health care costs, ripping off America include:

  1. Big Pharma that had raised generic drug prices by thousands of percent, thus being THE major cause of sky-rocketing health care costs; even NEJM – New England Journal of Medicine – has expressed their disgust over this bandit-like behavior.
  2. More Fast Food/Food interests: Government, with its eternal delays in updating the US Dietary Guidelines, thus refusing to inform people about the causes of 6 major medical disorders which plays a big part in making America FAT AND FATTER, and that has added $ 150 billion to Health Care Costs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moQZd1-BC0Y  Persuasive $$ thrown at Trump will only prolong the reluctance to update these critical guidelines—Trump's response to the 16 million FAT AND FATTER people: "Have a cookie!" http://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-food-labels-20170620-story.html . The highly respected Baylor Medical College emphasizes the importance of cost-saving health education, (i.e. re-writing the US Dietary guidelines): "In the U.S.A., we now have exceeded $3 Trillion a year in medical and health-care costs. We know that 80%-90% of those costs are a direct result of the (wrong) lifestyle choices of Americans."  Keeping people uneducated and with high disease risks is the basis of Big Pharma's obscene profits; under Trump, money for education HAS ALREADY BEEN REDUCED.
  3. The carbon/oil/coal special interests that have intentionally planted $ 543 million worth of bogus anti climate change arguments and, while this slime tactic sustained carbon sales, it steepened earth's downhill spiral and sky-rocketed costs of countermeasures (as predicted/warned by Cambridge U., several others). In trying to make up for the blunders with high altitude Chemtrail spraying (to partially block the sun's energy from reaching earth; this same industry has spewed a mix of toxic ingredients: Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Thallium). The Aluminum alone has pushed Alzheimer's (one of the most costly diseases) to the 3rd leading cause of death), and Autism (from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 50), with both adding mega-billions to our national health care costs. https://www.academia.edu/30938547
  4. The GMO interests – Monsanto – who, with bullying slime tactics and phony "90-day GMO safety studies" push their toxic food aberrations onto America. View pictures of lab animals fed GMO corn when going past 90 days at http://www.antiagingforme.org .

    And now it turns out that THE SAME EXACT swamp creatures are favored by President Trump!

     What is going on here?

For interviews, permission to reprint, speaking engagements on ANY aspect of applied Anti-Aging contact Dr. Kugler at drkugler1@verizon.net , tel.: 310-634-2478

Web: http://www.antiagingforme.org 


This battle for our freedoms is now continuing on FOUR fronts, and everything connects; from anti-aging modalities, to health effects of apprentice Climate Change (Chemtrail) countermeasures (inducing Alzheimer's, Autism, inflammation), to steepening earth's downhill spiral http://www.antiagingforme.org and http://www.iaam.ca .

1) The ever increasing, destructive influence of the special interests on Washington are bringing our country to a point of no return; this goes beyond ANYTHING acceptable, making people victims of corporate greed on every level, and with total disrespect for WE THE PEOPLE - - - replaced by WE THE GREEDY SPECIAL INTERESTS - - and a message to America's people: "We do what we want, and YOU have no right to know!"

2) Medical blunders, left uncorrected due to special interest influence, while YOUR health care costs skyrocket:


3) The Frankenstein-type GMOs - - recently shown to cause tumors, organ malfunctions, sterility, genetic aberrations, Endocrine Disruption, and more. Russia, Scotland, Germany have banned GMO crops. Brazil initiated a ban because of extreme kidney toxicity in farm workers. As of Nov. 2015, 28 countries worldwide banned GMOs. See also: 

GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers.  Correlation between GM-foods and Deterioration of health in the US http://www.expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=64467

4) A total lack of applying actions needed to avoid a methane-caused earth catastrophe; the references are numerous, just GOOGLE "NASA methane tracker." Special interests - Carbon; coal, oil, gas - obviously in order to maintain profits, have been shown to - intentionally - plant bogus pseudo-science to confuse the issues.

Over the past years the neglect of Climate Change priorities has moved us closer and closer to a point of no return, as made clear in the 2012 emergency/catastrophe announcement by AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group. http://www.ameg.me , now repeated with strong ducumentation on Dec. 4, 2014.

In the US presently taken covert countermeasures - - Geoengineering, Chemtrails spraying of highly toxic, disease-inducing nanoparticles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into high levels of the atmosphere to reduce sun energy - - are apparently dictated by special (carbon) interests, violate principles of thermodynamics, and are highly ineffective.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, is a former oil industry (Standard oil of Indiana) research chemist, professor of chemistry, Roosevelt U, Chicago, and Author: "LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age;" now available as public health education project as e-book at the non-profit price of $ 1.99. Purchase at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/life-long-health-learn-how-to-?store=book&keyword=life-long+health%3A+learn+how+to

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Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD
International Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
Redondo Beach, CA
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