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Trump Exits Paris - - - I Exit Trump!
RIP Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD --  B.  Dec 11, 1935  ...  D. May 5, 2019 RIP Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- B. Dec 11, 1935 ... D. May 5, 2019
Los Angeles , CA
Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM

The ever-increasing blunders - - from allowing special (carbon, GMO, Big Pharma) interests to take us to the cleaners, poison us, falsely claiming delivered election promises, and topping it off with the scientifically illogical, earth-destructing withdrawal from the Paris Agreement - and with unacceptable excuses - leaves me no choice but to exit President Trump's Advisory Board.


Mr. President, Donald Trump:

When you invited me to be on your advisory board I naturally felt honored, in spite of our differences regarding Climate Change. As professor of chemistry (RU, Chicago), president of IAAM (CA 501-c-3 health education organization), and founder of HK Stem Cell Research, I devoted years of research to all the modalities that affect our aging processes, and how to reverse them. Climate change does have ever increasing effects on various aspects of our aging process, to a degree that I even decided to write a book about it (1.). When giving motivational talks about applied anti-aging, or presenting my work at medical congresses worldwide, it became obvious that people's opinions about Climate Change were never based on an evaluation of all the, quite complex, science facts. But when presented with straight-forward facts about climate change, people quickly up-dated their views; didn't want to be known as scientific ignoramuses.

So, I hoped that presenting you with science facts, and explaining why they are threatening our/earth's future would have the same results - - grasping the severity of Climate Change. So, I proposed that I would write for you evaluations of climate change science facts and explain how these facts connected to make immediate countermeasures of the utmost importance. You could have said "no, thank you", and maybe "we don't need you", but you didn't, and so I wrote advisories documenting the reality and severity of climate change.

Fellow scientists keep pointing out to me discrepancies between your pre-election promises and present actions. When you promised to drain the swamp, you never really defined who the swamp occupants were. As we see it, the swamp occupants – that have not been held responsible and that you now seem to favor - were/are:

  • Big Pharma that had raised generic drug prices by up to thousands of percents, thus being THE major cause of sky-rocketing health care costs; even NEJM – New England Journal of Medicine – had expressed their disgust about it. http://www.worldhealth.net/forum/thread/102618/what-are-the-real-causes-of-obscenely/?page=1#post-102618  
  • The carbon/oil/coal special interests that had intentionally planted $ 543 million worth of bogus anti climate change arguments and, while this slime tactic sustained carbon sales, it steepened earth's downhill spiral and sky-rocketed costs of countermeasures (as predicted/warned by Cambridge U., several others). In trying to make up for the blunders with high altitude Chemtrail spraying (ingredients: Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Thorium) the Aluminum alone has sky-rocketed Alzheimer's (one of the most expensive in terms of health care costs, now the # 3 leading cause of death), and Autism (from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 50), with both adding mega-billions to our national health care costs.  https://www.academia.edu/30938547
  • The food/fast food special interests that had prevented the updating/rewriting of the US Dietary Guidelines and with this were a big part in making America FAT AND FATTER, and which also added $ 150 billion to Health Care Costs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moQZd1-BC0Y  
  • More Big Pharma: Baylor Medical College, emphasizing the importance of cost-saving health education, like – honestly – re-writing the US Dietary guidelines: "In the U.S.A., we now have exceeded $3 Trillion a year in medical and health-care costs. We know that 80%-90% of those costs are a direct result of the (wrong) lifestyle choices of Americans." NEVER INITIATED; keeping people uneducated and with high disease risks is the basis of Big Pharma's obscene profits.
  • The GMO interests – Monsanto – who, with bullying slime tactics and phony "90-day GMO safety studies" push their toxic food aberrations onto America. View pictures of lab animals fed GMO corn when going past 90 days at http://www.antiagingforme.org and http://www.worldhealth.net/forum/thread/100399/gmo-industry-harassment-tactics-against/?page=1#post-100399

And these interests are not only not held responsible for their blunders, but they are even favored by you?????!!!!!

       For knowledgeable scientists it is clear that the past carbon/oil slime tactics (2.) and extreme weather manipulation screw-ups have put earth close to, if not past, any point of recovery. Climate change scientists still believe that the problem could be reversed, but that it would require a worldwide effort – similar to the time when the US entered WW II with everything it had, but even stronger than what was outlined in the Paris agreement – to be just minimally effective. The seriousness of our global warming is reflected in these key news items:

  1. The problems caused by the near complete arctic ice losses are so alarming that a team of scientists from Arizona State University worked out a plan to "refreeze" the Arctic. The fact that the $500 billion plan, which would use millions of wind pumps to circulate colder water to the surface of the ice where it would freeze is even being discussed "reveals just how desperately worried researchers have become about the Arctic."
  2. Steven Hawking: "Earth has had it!"
  3. Scientists confirm: only 10 years left to save the planet. Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be reduced in two ways—by cutting our emissions, and by removing it from the atmosphere, for example through plants, the ocean, and soil.http://www.iiasa.ac.at/web/home/about/news/170413-carbon-cycle.html
  4. Top GW scientists: "Earth has already entered the next – the sixth - earth extinction period" and it is similar to the fifth extinction period - the Permian - methane caused. https://weather.com/science/nature/news/sixth-mass-extinction-study 

A statement of facts:

In the 1960s the tobacco industry was caught paying scientists to publish fact-denying bogus "scientific" papers like "smoking is good for you." When they were taken to court and fined (total $ 242 billion), they still came out ahead financially; the lying and cheating that sustained sales, had brought financial returns far in excess of $ 242 billion.

Over the past years the carbon industry was/is doing the same with paying "Trolls" to hoodwink the public (NY TIMES report), and with intentional planting of bogus anti-climate change arguments, obviously to prevent cutting down on burning carbon fuels, and thus sustaining carbon profits (2.).

It's critical that you acknowledge science facts, and get rid of the carbon BS-sers/ignoramuses, i.e. Scott Pruitt as EPA head. It is unquestionably agreed on that this agency needs a scientist with knowledge of chemistry, Global Warming, medicine/physiology, biochemistry, environment, Endocrine Disruption, and more, and not a science facts denying/lacking lawyer.

By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, and with the above mentioned discrepancies, you have shown that you are more of a carbon Troll than a people's president.

Do you really care about this planet? About the survival of your family? And your grandchildren? And all of humanity, and the rest of the animals and plants on this earth? My intuition tells me "no."

This leaves me no choice but to exit your Advisory Board – with profound disgust at your inability to properly assess a massive crisis facing the Earth.

With all due respect, take this job and shove it.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM, Interrnational Academy Anti-Aging Medicine, HK Stem Cell Research,   http://www.antiagingforme.org

  1.  "NUTS! To the Climate Change Denialists"; in the final stages.

(2.)  Drexel U  confirms/exposes carbon industry placing BOGUS anti-climate change arguments http://drexel.edu/now/news-media/releases/archive/2013/December/Climate-Change



This battle for our freedoms is now continuing on FOUR fronts, and everything connects; from anti-aging modalities, to health effects of apprentice Climate Change (Chemtrail) countermeasures (inducing Alzheimer's, Autism, inflammation), to steepening earth's downhill spiral http://www.antiagingforme.org and http://www.iaam.ca .

1) The ever increasing, destructive influence of the special interests on Washington are bringing our country to a point of no return; this goes beyond ANYTHING acceptable, making people victims of corporate greed on every level, and with total disrespect for WE THE PEOPLE - - - replaced by WE THE GREEDY SPECIAL INTERESTS - - and a message to America's people: "We do what we want, and YOU have no right to know!"

2) Medical blunders, left uncorrected due to special interest influence, while YOUR health care costs skyrocket:


3) The Frankenstein-type GMOs - - recently shown to cause tumors, organ malfunctions, sterility, genetic aberrations, Endocrine Disruption, and more. Russia, Scotland, Germany have banned GMO crops. Brazil initiated a ban because of extreme kidney toxicity in farm workers. As of Nov. 2015, 28 countries worldwide banned GMOs. See also: 

GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers.  Correlation between GM-foods and Deterioration of health in the US http://www.expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=64467

4) A total lack of applying actions needed to avoid a methane-caused earth catastrophe; the references are numerous, just GOOGLE "NASA methane tracker." Special interests - Carbon; coal, oil, gas - obviously in order to maintain profits, have been shown to - intentionally - plant bogus pseudo-science to confuse the issues.

Over the past years the neglect of Climate Change priorities has moved us closer and closer to a point of no return, as made clear in the 2012 emergency/catastrophe announcement by AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group. http://www.ameg.me , now repeated with strong ducumentation on Dec. 4, 2014.

In the US presently taken covert countermeasures - - Geoengineering, Chemtrails spraying of highly toxic, disease-inducing nanoparticles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into high levels of the atmosphere to reduce sun energy - - are apparently dictated by special (carbon) interests, violate principles of thermodynamics, and are highly ineffective.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, is a former oil industry (Standard oil of Indiana) research chemist, professor of chemistry, Roosevelt U, Chicago, and Author: "LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age;" now available as public health education project as e-book at the non-profit price of $ 1.99. Purchase at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/life-long-health-learn-how-to-?store=book&keyword=life-long+health%3A+learn+how+to

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Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD
International Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
Redondo Beach, CA
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