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ADHD, Misinformation to Drug Children

Marilyn Redmond

I am a retired teacher who had several children with this behavior in class, years before this label of ADHD was decreed. In those days, the children were sent by the school for a hair test to determine the lack of minerals and other cellular substances that were out of balance. When appropriate foods to bring the balance into the individual diets were determined, the schools provided lunches with the necessary missing elements. In a few weeks, the children were settled down as industrious students, again.

In my research, I found that when Ritalin was created in a laboratory, there was no label for this behavior and emotional acting out. There was an agreement with the medical and pharmaceutical entities to acknowledge this drug to be a solution to behavioral and emotional circumstances. This provided a market for Ritalin.

Through my investigation as an advocate for Holistic Health and drug free living, I wrote a news release in 2007, "Are the Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and School Authorities Manufacturing Insanity?" I found that three major news incidents with the same missing theme. The first occurrence was the Columbine incident that withheld the real cause of this heartbreaking event that was not in the media. Next, was another tragedy this time at Virginia Tech caused by Cho Seung-Hui that had the same missing information. Thirdly, Robert A. Hawkins, 19, killed eight people before taking his own life. All of the students were on prescription drugs.

A publication of the New York Times, "Insight on the News" on June 28, 1999 had the lead story on its cover-" Guns and Doses: The Common Link on the High School Shootings May Be Psychotropic Drugs Like Ritalin." One story is about David who was compelled by school officials to receive the drug to handle his 'hyperactivity'. "David would complain. He didn't like the feel of his body when he took the pills," Mrs. Verne Watson said. Finally, one day, her son collapsed before school and told her, "I just can't take them anymore, they're torturing me."

Why are children being drugged for behavior? Is this the way to treat our youngsters? Now, as a counselor I have another understanding to this dilemma. In addition, the student usually has emotional pain they cannot handle. The student is acting out from not being allowed to be themselves in a family that is very controlling. This is medicating the person rather than looking to the cause of the problem. It is another form of drinking to solve your problems, as a drug, is a drug, is a drug.

When the family is dysfunctional and domineering, even in subtle ways, the children are not allowed to be themselves. They are not fitting the mold of the family image. When a person is drugged, they become yielding and subservient. The family does not want to address their own issues from which the child is fighting back for his own identity. Ignoring the real issue the family now can say they are fine; the childĀ  is the problem.

In a family situation, it is easier to make the child the scapegoat than look at what is the reason of the problem. Sadly, I have seen one very bright young man, turn into an unproductive member of society from the school enforcing his being drugged. He did graduate from an adjusted high school curriculum. In addition, he graduated from a culinary school, however; he cannot hold down a job. Even the services rejected his serving his country, as they do not take people who have been on Ritalin. His future is dim.

It is time to be more open to alternatives. The result of looking for a quick fix while sustaining high profits for drug companies is indefensible. Emotional growth stops when taking drugs. A pill does not assist in dealing with life. Let's support our youth in dealing with their problems utilizing effective, natural drug-free solutions.

Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, International Board Certified Regressionist, International Speaker and International Consultant. She is an award winning international writer. Marilyn shares spiritual information for life and living in health, healing, and happiness. She was inducted into Who's Who for Professionals and Executives for her innovation and pioneering work in restoring traumatic lives, healing emotional causes of illness and releasing negative energy. Her successful radio show, "Marilyn's Solutions" along with many interviews on radio and appearance on television are well received. Her powerful seminars and college classes are always a happy success. The author of several books, she also channels for informational and healing purposes. Web site: angelicasgifts.com

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