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David Morey -- Dedicated to Help Companies Win
Washington, DC United States
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David Morey
Washington, DC
United States
Main Phone: 202-223-7945
Contact Phone: 888-626-9776

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David Morey
Underdog Advantage
We're living in the toughest business climate in modern history. Today, 95% of start-up businesses are bankrupt by their 10th year and 80% of corporate products fail. Today, consumers are more distrustful, cynical and even angrier than ever before. For all businesses today, these are beyond tough times/ it's the toughest time in history for incumbent, established businesses.

In the context of these challenges, businesses and business leaders now must go on the attack -- they must play offense. This is the focus of my award-winning book, The Underdog Advantage, and it's what I'm speaking about to audiences around the country: how to apply an underdog-insurgent framework to take more charge of your business strategies and gain new marketing and revenue advantages in these tough, tough times.

We've used this approach for companies such as Microsoft, Google, Coke, Pepsi, Disney, Nike, Verizon, Visa, American Express, McDonalds, General Electric, and P&G, to name a few. And we want to share these lessons with your audiences -- because today, it's the underdog, the insurgent, who holds the advantage.

This is the new way to win.