Mark Lazar -- Author of 'Pathway to Prosperity -- Your Guide to Money and Economics'
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Mark Lazar -- Author of 'Pathway to Prosperity -- Your Guide to Money and Economics'
Salt Lake City, UT United States
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Pathway to Prosperity
Pathway to Prosperity

New Book Takes the Mystery Out of Money

Salt Lake City, UT—Is it possible to change one's financial destiny and legacy? Do get-rich-quick schemes work? Are there proven principles that lead to financial security?  Why is good time management important in building wealth? Mark Lazar tackles these questions and more in Pathway to Prosperity: Your Guide to Money and Economics, a comprehensive financial literacy program that takes the mystery out of money.

"Contrary to what you may hear from friends, family, teachers, the government, or the media—regardless of your race, color, religion, where you grew up, or current social status, you have the power to change your life in ways you never believed possible," says Lazar. 

Lazar knows this from personal experience, with a childhood marked by financial stress and uncertainty in a family that lived below the poverty line and struggled to make ends meet. While not a promising start, these early experiences gave him perspective, drive, and the motivation to change his future. He began working at age twelve, achieved financial independence early on, and was a millionaire by age 40. In Pathway to Prosperity he shares the common sense principles, values, and strategies that led to his success.

"The bad news is there is no magic formula or get-rich-quick scheme," states Lazar. "The good news, however, is that by building your wealth the right way—by understanding and incorporating sound financial principles into your everyday life and doing a handful of things a little better—over time you will become financially secure"

Lazar is passionate about helping others achieve financial independence. He draws from his own journey to prosperity and decades of experience in the finance industry to share a comprehensive financial literacy program that takes the mystery out of money. Practically written and easy to understand, Pathway to Prosperity is an interactive financial literacy program that gives readers real-world knowledge of money and economics, combined with interactive tools to assess one's personal financial status and determine the next steps along the path.

"There is no secret to prosperity," reminds Lazar. "Planning, effort, thrift, and sensible life choices are all that's necessary for wealth creation and a brighter future"

In this book, you'll find a practical guide to money and economics and discover:

  • How to assess the basics of your personal finances and make prudent decisions
  • Why cash flow is more important than net worth and how to use credit wisely
  • How to choose a college major and career with future financial prosperity in mind
  • What to consider when making important financial decisions, such as buying a home
  • The importance of thinking about and planning for retirement from the beginning of your career
  • How a solid grasp of economics allows you to make confident, well-informed financial decisions

Mark Lazar was raised in a blue-collar family living below the poverty line, and experienced first-hand the struggles and pressures faced by many families in the United States. Rather than discouraging him, these hardships motivated and gave him ambition, fortitude, and a good work ethic. He began working at age twelve and became a millionaire before age 40.

Today, Mark's passion is helping others become financially independent and prosperous, sharing common-sense principles, values, and strategies that lead to financial success. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, wealth advisor, and Senior Vice President of Investment for Raymond James Advisors. Along with more than twenty-five years in the investment industry, he was an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business from 2002-2017. Mark holds a BS in finance from the University of Utah, and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Mark and his wife Savina enjoy hiking, biking, waterskiing, and travel. They live in Salt Lake City, and spend summers at their   cabin in northern Idaho.

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