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Newtown, PA United States
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Donna Serdula
Newtown, PA
United States
Main Phone: 215-839-3434
Contact Phone: 215-839-0008
Cell Phone: 215-796-1599
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Donna Serdula -- LinkedIn Makeover Expert
Vision Board Media, LLC

A business owner, author, speaker, and influencer, Donna Serdula thrives on empowering people to transform their lives and realize their most sought-after goals.

The pioneer of LinkedIn profile optimization, she built the successful website, more than a decade ago. In that time, she has worked with more than 6,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, utilizing a talented team of over 30 writers, coaches, and branding specialists to bring dynamic brand storytelling to the masses. 

Donna and her team act as a board of futurists/creative thinkers/global brand advocates for their clients, by designing success strategies that cross industries and change lives. Donna's vision is all about possibility and the inherent power of connecting and consulting when developing personal and corporate brands. It is this foundation that inspired her to launch and establish Vision Board Media, the parent company of, where she helps to infuse the global marketplace with diverse, brilliant people and products.  

Donna is an in-demand speaker throughout the US and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as Business Insider, Time's Money Section, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, LA Times, NBC, and SiriusXM Radio's Wharton Business Radio. She has presented keynote speeches and workshops for Comcast NBCUniversal, Columbia University, Wharton Business School, Intuit, Texas State Bar Association, GSK, and hundreds more.

Donna earned her stripes in corporate America with more than ten years in sales, marketing, and business operations. Today, she lives in New Jersey with her husband and four children. As a daughter and wife of former military, Donna believes in giving back and provides her digital products free to active duty and veterans.

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