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Washington, DC United States
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Mitchell Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Contact Phone: 202-333-5000

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Publicity Land is where ExpertClick shares Publicity News .   

There are five ways to use News Releases Wire.

1)   Sand a news releases about your business.

2)   Send a NewsTip,linking to a news story to share a)  Link atory or b) embed a video.   Sort of like a tweet.

3)   Ask and answer a question -- People search on questions and when you headline is a question if is great SEO.   Remember poeple konw their problems but not your soltuions.   

4)   Nominate an Expert -- Ad a link to another source on your topics.  That helps your SEO with on topic contant, and you can earn cash royalty if the expert you noiminate upgrate to a paid membersship.

5)   Connect your twitter feed, so each time you tweet, we'll pick up and pull it into your ExpertStream.\

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