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Craig Conroy, Conroy Research Group
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About: Animated authority, author and a great guest, two books, numerous trade publication articles. 'A producer's dream, talk show host's ideal guest.' He speaks in soundbites, great source for reporters. Material backed by market research. Book him today for your next sweeps. 'He lights up switchboards like a Christmas tree.'
Beverly Smallwood, Ph.D. The Hope Center
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About: Dr. Beverly Smallwood, media resource, is an expert on psychological reactions in turbulent times. A licensed psychologist, she's the author of This Wasn't Supposed to Happen to Me. She's also a workplace consultant on leading with purpose through change. She's been interviewed in such media as MSNBC, CNN-fn, FOX News, CBS Radio, TalkAmerica, New York Times, USA Today Weekend, Washington Bus...
How to Beat a Bully
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About: Anderson described this new release and why it is so important: 'How to Beat a Bully' is a 'Home Alone' type comedy with an anti-bullying theme. So many stories of bullying are distressing, upsetting or sad, we wanted to create a story that is fun and entertaining, and in a positive way share the message to help stop bullying.

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