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National Speakers Association
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About: National Speakers Association (NSA) members are experts in a variety of fields and are ideal sources for expert commentary and thought-provoking interviews. As a service to media professionals, NSA will assist you with your media needs and set you up with the perfect source for your story. You can also go online to to access our online membership directory, Find a Speaker. Find a Speaker allows you to search by keyword, name, location or one of our many main topics. Additionally, NSA offers quick access to events, books for purchase and our international speakers.
Beverly Smallwood, Ph.D. The Hope Center
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About: Dr. Beverly Smallwood, media resource, is an expert on psychological reactions in turbulent times. A licensed psychologist, she’s the author of This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen to Me. She’s also a workplace consultant on leading with purpose through change. She’s been interviewed in such media as MSNBC, CNN-fn, FOX News, CBS Radio, TalkAmerica, New York Times, USA Today Weekend, Washington Bus...
Mellanie True Hills -- Health and Productivity Expert -- StopAfib
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About: This best-selling author is your internationally-recognized expert on heart disease, wellness, workplace productivity, stress, life balance, and women's business success. As founder of the American Foundation for Women's Health, she saves lives by sharing her near-death experiences with heart disease and stroke and launched to advocate for patients with atrial fibrillation, a life-threatening irregular heartbeat. Her successful track record as transformation agent includes being a high-tech executive and an Internet pioneer (Dell, Cisco, JCPenney).

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