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Roberta Guise, MBA -- Small Business Marketing Expert
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About: Marketing and PR consultant Roberta Guise advises small business owners, independent professionals and non-profits on how to build a profitable stable of customers, save money on ineffective promotions, and get known through branding, precision marketing and public relations. Roberta also enables successful women to become thought leaders. She coaches clients one-one-one, and writes and speaks on how to get a distinctive marketing edge and be extraordinarily visible. For a lively mix of her ideas and opinions, read her articles at, and podcast profiles of influential women at
Performance Research -- Jed Pearsall, Ed.D.
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About: Performance Research is the world's leader in the evaluation of corporate sponsorship of sports, special events, theme parks, the arts, charitable causes, and web-based programs. Having conducted more than one million surveys and hundreds of focus groups related to sponsorship, Performance Research is the most trusted source for interpreting the marketing impact and consumer response to corporate sponsorship

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