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Roberta Guise, MBA -- Small Business Marketing Expert
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About: Marketing and PR consultant Roberta Guise advises small business owners, independent professionals and non-profits on how to build a profitable stable of customers, save money on ineffective promotions, and get known through branding, precision marketing and public relations. Roberta also enables successful women to become thought leaders. She coaches clients one-one-one, and writes and speaks on how to get a distinctive marketing edge and be extraordinarily visible. For a lively mix of her ideas and opinions, read her articles at, and podcast profiles of influential women at
Kelly Goldsmith
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About: Dr. Kelly Goldsmith is a behavioral scientist who examines people’s responses to uncertainty and scarcity, uncovering and explaining seemingly paradoxical effects. She received her doctorate from Yale University in 2009. She was a faculty member at the Kellogg School of Management from 2009-2017, where she received numerous honors and awards for her research and teaching. In 2014, she was named...

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