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Dave Roberts, Author: Patriots of Treason
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About: Patriots of Treason an action-packed, fast-moving novel addressing the most current challenges facing America today has grabbed the attention of radio show hosts as well as readers and earned critical acclaim from the nation?s top reviewers. Patriots of Treason (ISBN 978-1-936688-36-4, 2012, AKA Publishing, 300 pages, Paperback $16.32, Kindle $7.99 and Hardcover $23.69) by David Thomas Roberts is a novel filled with political intrigue, heroes, scumbags, and amazing characters that addresses over-extension of anti-terrorism measures, trampling on the rights of a citizens group, burgeoning federal power, states? rights and Texas secession. Says Roberts, 'If we spend billions of dollars in blood and treasure to bring democracy to communist countries and nations led by tyrannical despots why would we ever have a problem with one state wanting to be more independent?'

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