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Shaun T. Yorgey -- Perkiomen School
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About: Making A Liberal Arts Education Relevant Through Application -- The mission of The Institutes at Perkiomen School is to make a liberal arts education relevant to students through rigorous applicati...
Global Academy Online
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About: Dr. Fred DiUlus, Founder of The Global Academy is a specialist in creating cutting edge international accredited online and blended universities. The Global Academy (Online) offers state of the art higher education systems backed by a formidable 16 years of experience. Fred DiUlus is a gifted public speaker and author of the annual editions of the BEST & WORST ONLINE SCHOOLS. DiUlus's latest book is WAY of the ENTREPRENEUR, Extraordinary Opportunity for Ordinary People. It is the first in a series of three volumes highlighting a success blueprint for developed and emerging entrepreneurs. His expertise is backed by a 50 year odyssey of wit wisdom offered to ignite the entrepreneur in each of us. He reveals how anyone can attack adversity and adapt, innovate, and overcome and succeed as an entrepreneur. If you don't like the road your on, this expert will show you how to build another.

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