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Shaun T. Yorgey -- Perkiomen School
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About: Making A Liberal Arts Education Relevant Through Application -- The mission of The Institutes at Perkiomen School is to make a liberal arts education relevant to students through rigorous applicati...
Fred DiUlus, PhD
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About: It’s been two plus decades since Founder, Dr. Fred DiUlus, established GLOBAL ACADEMY NETWORK. The NETWORK was launched as part of Dr. DiUlus' doctoral research project at the Union Institute & University in the 90's which saw its first creation, the Center for Ethics & Free Enterprise (CEFE) emerge from the project introducing the first national online program certifications in Applied Ethics and Entrepreneurship. The Landmark programs were followed by what is now known as the Flagship of the Global Academy Network inaugurated in 2000. It is known today as GLOBAL ACADEMY ONLINE, the public image of the Network. As a pioneer online international 'University Builder' of schools colleges and universities, the Flagship was followed by 11 other institutions, all located and managed under the Global Academy Network Umbrella.

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