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Voss W. Graham -- InnerActive Consulting
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About: Organizational Architect who helps Small Business Owners to Build and Grow their Business Enterprise successfully. Expertise getting people to the next level of performance. Expertise in executive, manager and fast-tracker coaching. Provide insight for effective communication for individuals and teams. Experienced in Major Account Selling - moving sales teams and management from transactional to key account selling. Guide selection process using assessments and the interpretation of assessments to get the right people for the right jobs. Aligning Your Performance with strategic objectives for accelerating growth. Author - Three Games of Selling.
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About: Wesley Berry is the author of 'BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS.' He is the host of The Success Factor, a weekly radio talk show on WDTK Detroit’s 'The Patriot' 1400AM & 101.5FM Sundays at noon. The show’s format features both controversial and unifying topics. 'As the show’s host, I’m being guided by the principle that reasonable people can disagree without being disagreeable. Polite discourse of controversial subjects is fundamental to a civil society; and The Success Factor is committed to providing a forum where opposing views can be respectfully exchanged,' says Wesley. Over the years, he's provided consulting services to over 40 businesses, even while simultaneously establishing a retail franchise system that operated 30 units in five States. Additionally, he’s served as Headmaster of a State-Licensed Private Vocational School, and as a licensed real estate agent, having participated in over 30 commercial transactions.

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