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Liah Kraft-Kristaine
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Liah Kraft-Kristaine
Atlanta, GA United States
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Liah Kraft-Kristaine. J.D.
Eatonton, GA
United States
Contact Phone: 770-789-7500
Cell Phone: 770-789-7500

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Liah Kraft-Kristaine
Liah Kraft-Kristaine
Liah Kraft-Kristaine
Liah Kraft-Kristaine

Liah Kraft-Kristaine J.D. teaches skillsets and mindsets for powerful living, business building, and wealth strategies. After decades of presenting business and personal development, she is tackling the critical worldwide affordable housing problem. In her HOME 4 the HEART PROJECT, Liah teaches women, veterans, and others to build their own storm-hardy home for $50,000 in 30 days.

Liah coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals in promotion, professional speaking, and product skills. Educated in philosophy, law, and business, she built four successful businesses and two non-profits, practiced law, taught at a university, teaches real estate investing, wrote 19 books, was a Hollywood head-writer, spoke in 500 cities on four continents, and is a former broadcaster on CNN and PBS television.

Her current video E-Courses: "The Happiness Tune-up", "Mastering Wealth", "Get Famous & Rich in Your Niche", and "Home 4 the Heart" series.  Liah has been interviewed on "Oprah" and hundreds of media shows.