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Bernie Saunders
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Martin Lowy - Author: Capitalism for Democrats
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About: Martin Lowy, a veteran banker, attorney and entrepreneur, is unabashedly pro-American. But he also believes that global trade is a win-win system for all nations, even though some Americans need help in order to cope with global competition, and that people who live elsewhere deserve our respect—and even assistance when warranted. Lowy uses both his indefatigable research on new developments and his 50 years of experience investigating frauds, advising boards of directors, negotiating contracts and managing companies to bring his readers a unique blend that makes his writing relevant and timely, yet timeless. His first book, High Rollers (a history of the savings and loan debacle), was a New York Times Notable Book of 1991 and was cited by the Supreme Court as an authority on the subjec...

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Martin Lowy - Author: Capitalism for Democrats
Martin Lowy - Author: Capitalism for Democrats

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