Dr. Michael Levittan -- Anger Management Specialist
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Dr. Michael Levittan -- Anger Management Specialist
Los Angeles, CA United States
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Dr. Michael Levittan
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Contact Phone: 310-820-4111
Cell Phone: 818-618-9785
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Visit his Web Site at www.MichaelLevittan.com

Dr. Levittan is a practicing psychotherapist, professor, expert witness, has been interviewed for television and radio, and consults for the L.A. Times, Dallas Morning Herald, Inside Edition, In-Touch Magazine, L.A. Times Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Golf Magazine, Riverside Press, etc. Dr. Levittan has appeared on two 'Tyra Banks Shows', the NBC-TV reality show "Starting Over', 'The Bad Girls Club', and recently 'Hollywood 411.' He is a noted Anger Management expert and has articles published in the Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter and the California Batterers Intervention Newsletter. Dr. Levittan teaches courses and seminars on Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Post-Traumatic Stress at UCLA Extension, Loyola Marymount University, and California Graduate Institute. He does trainings for L.A. Superior Court, U.S. Marines, Women's Shelters, Marriage and Family Therapy Associations, Hillsides Childrens Center. Dr. Levittan also specializes in Relationship issues, Parenting, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Child Custody. He is the Director of a certified Domestic Violence program, has helped develop and teach a California state-wide curriculum on the treatment of Spousal Abuse and is the Editor of a newsletter on Domestic Violence.

Dr. Michael has presented several papers on Post-Traumatic Stress, Batterer's Treatment and Child Abuse at the annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma.

Dr. Levittan receives frequent requests to speak to audiences and lead seminars. It is his energy, enthusiasm, and passion for what he does that makes him an outstanding speaker!