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David Hamilton Nichols
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About: David Hamilton Nichols is a transformational speaker, author, empowering intuitive and master healer. David transmits the Universe’s most powerful information and energy to widespread events, media...
Christine Kloser - The Transformational Author Coach
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About: The majority of people who say they want to write a book, never do. It's a sad statistic especially in today's world where the barrier to entry is simply gone. The Transformational Author Coach', Christine Kloser, is a ray of hope for entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to write their best book possible and use it to make a difference for themselves, their readers, their business and the world. Through her award-winning programs, coaching services and live retreats and events, Christine offers a proven path to lasting fulfillment and success as an author. She has trained 70,000+ authors from 126 countries. Many of whom have become best-sellers, signed publishing deals, seen on TEDx and landed on national and global media.
Michael D. Brown -Fresh Customer Service
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About: Michael D. Brown is a sought-after speaker, management expert, and author of Fresh Passion: Get A Brand or Die A Generic (, Fresh Customer Service®: Treat the Employee as #1 and the Customer as #2 and You Will Get Customers for Life (, Fresh Notes on Personal Branding, Fresh Notes on Customer Service, Fresh Notes on How Not to Graduate into Poverty, and Fresh Passion Leadership – Become a Distinct Branded Leader or Extinct Generic. He has over eighteen years of experience helping companies and individuals achieve results and has held numerous leadership positions at Fortune Global 100 Companies.

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