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Patrick Asare -- Author of 'The Boy from Boadua'
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Patrick Asare -- Author of 'The Boy from Boadua'
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Patrick Asare -- Author of
Patrick Asare -- Author of

Growing up in the jungles of Ghana and now thriving in suburban America, Patrick Asare defied all odds on his journey through life. In his incredible memoir, The Boy from Boadua: One African's Journey of Hunger and Sacrifice in Pursuit of a Dream, he recounts his childhood, family, education, and the experiences that made him into the person he is today, in addition to reflecting on socio-cultural relations, race, and the social structures in the different countries that he has lived. Patrick Asare offers a new perspective as someone who has had first-hand experience in a variety of cultures, specifically within the education system.

Patrick was born and raised in Boadua, a small village in Ghana, Africa. His family lived in extreme poverty, relying on farming and selling fish to get by. He attended elementary school in Boadua, where most children were not expected to gain a higher education. However, Patrick discovered a love for reading and knowledge at a young age, and he would stop at nothing to continue his schooling in order to give himself and his family a better life. After being accepted into secondary school, he eventually traveled to the Soviet Union to continue his education, and finally, to America, where he gained advanced degrees in engineering. 

Patrick Asare's love of education is evident in his story: his motivation is seeking knowledge and pulling himself out of poverty by doing so. He writes, "My journey began with the accidental discovery of an interesting piece of information on a discarded scrap of newspaper. That information triggered the series of events that ultimately took me on a magical journey around the world" He worked for a time as a teacher in America, and the behavior of his students led him to explore the socio-cultural differences between Ghana and America, and how circumstances can create drastically different people. 

The Boy from Boadua, ISBN: 979-8218101008, $16.95 Paperback, $5.99 Kindle, 268 Pages, 2022. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and the author's website: https://patrickasareauthor.com/