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Change Masters Incorporated
Minneapolis, MN United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Thomas Mungavan, MBA, CSP
Minneapolis, MN
United States
Main Phone: 1-800-CHANGE-1
Contact Phone: 763-231-6410
Cell Phone: 763-476-4200
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Change Masters ® Incorporated has coached over 2,000 individual executives and technology leaders to master effective communications in their rapidly changing organizations since 1986. Customers include over 25 Fortune 100 companies and over 150 companies in total. Tom Mungavan and Carol Keers are co-authors of ?Seeing Yourself as Others Do ? Authentic Executive Presence at Any Stage of Your Career? (  He has been featured in major newspapers, conducted radio interviews and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

Contact by phone at 1-800CHANGE-1 or email.