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Wharton Club of DC
Washington, DC United States
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Alan N. Schlaifer
Bethesda, MD
United States
Contact Phone: 301-365-8999
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Outstanding varied programs, 150-200 or more per year, such as our Embassy Receptions & Briefings, luncheons, green business & other roundtables, Annual Conference and Joseph Wharton Gala Dinner that honors area business and public sector leaders, offer sponsors, members and attendees the opportunity to develop valuable business opportunities and expand critical knowledge.

Speakers at recent and coming events include Cabinet secretaries, renowned economists, CEOs of Fortune 500 and other cmopanies. We have not only our own events, but the best events of many other top clubs. These include the National Press, National Economists, Harvard and Yale Clubs.

Embassies where we've had receptions or participated in other events have included over 80 embassies. They range from A (Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria) to Z (Zambia & Zimbabwe.