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Karina Krepp -- Chakra Holistic
Beacon, NY United States
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Karina Krepp
Beacon, NY
United States
Main Phone: 9174451378
Contact Phone: 917-445-1378

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Today for tomorrow. Our choices move us on the path to wellness or away from our purpose. Every action moves us toward or away from our most vital expression of self. My life's work is to help others onto or along the path of health.

How many times have I heard a client tell me with shock, I used to be able to do this! We only keep what we practice.  From marathons to curb hops we must make strides today to maintain our future greatness.  I now see the balance of talent and hard work.  Talent weighs less and less over time while hard work doubles in value.

I love to see progress.  Slow and measurable progress.  I would love to see you make yourself better for tomorrow. That's true transformation.

Karina Krepp

Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor