There are Suits, and There are Suits
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Dateline: Hampton Roads , VA
Saturday, August 03, 2013

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In Paul Fussell’s book “UNIFORMS;  Why You Are What You Wear” he points out that a power suit has the same power as the military uniform of a top ranking Admiral or General. Warning:  Power Dressing in the US Senate and elsewhere has deteriorated dramatically since Fussell published his book!

My own former Senator John Warner was what he had in mind, no doubt. The top-ranking and powerful senator owned the room when he entered it – for a while accompanied by his  wife Elizabeth Taylor. Senator Warner alway wore a well-tailored navy blue suit, a white shirt and an endless variety of red power ties.
“Didn’t people notice he wore the same thing every day,” you may ask.  The answer is No, they noticed that he always looked striking and like a very powerful US Senator.

Both men in the photos above are attractive and their suits are perfectly tailored. However, the man on the left wears a dark red plaid sport shirt with a snugly-tailored grey flannel suit, along with a “matching” grey tie with red stripes. His red socks match his red plaid shirt. All in all, there is a sexy edge to this look, but not a look that elicits credibility and trust.

The man on the left looks like he could be the client of the man on the right, who looks like an attorney.

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